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Angela's Journal

Angela Stewart was an actress in the Golden Age of movies! When she'd gotten to be a certain age chronologically she retired to pursue other interests such as traveling, writing. Married at a young age, told children weren't possible. It was devastating, they divorced a year later. The blessing was she could fuck whoever she wanted and not get pregnant!

She bedded studio moguls, chauffeurs, gas station attendants. She was a nymphomaniac, but no one called it that. Haha.

When Angela knew her time was near, she had her lawyer draw up some documents for her. Gayland Greer sent out letters to all the noteworthy people who are in her journal, men and women, some still in the industry. It states Angela is dying, she's only got a few more months left. Next month, there will be a private auction, all interested parties are invited to her sprawling Malibu Hills estate at 6pm for dinner, the silent auction. The money will go to Children's Hospital, her favorite charity.

For obvious reasons, the press was kept out. One reporter got through all the background checks, her great niece, her namesake, Angela Bradford.

The house, food, music was amazing! No expense was spared. After dinner was over, dishes cleared, they went into the library. The elder Angela stood up, gave a speech before the auction began. The room fell silent, Angela began; It is wonderful to be with friends who became lovers and lovers who became friends. What you will be bidding on tonight is a set of 25 journals. I will read an excerpt from a few of them so you'll know I'm not bluffing.

June 1st, I'm sick of fucking myself! I need an actual cock! I can't go crawling back to Charles either!


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