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Another role Play with a female done via email

I come home from work and immediately head to the bathroom, stripping my clothes as I go. First shoes, at the door, then jacket - dropped casually on the floor - and then skirt, unzipped and lifted over my head. Like a trail of breadcrumbs to be followed, my blouse hits the ground next, and I'm left wearing pantyhose, bra and panties. 

I enter the bathroom and sit on the toilet, where I carefully take off my hose and turn on the shower. I wait until the water is warm, then shimmy out of my panties and undo my bra, slinging it off my shoulders to free my small, pert breasts. My nipples stiffen in the cool air-conditioned air, and I can't resist teasing them, enjoying the stiff sensitivity of their pencil-thick girth. I moan, and then laugh, feeling silly. 

Stepping into the warm water, I lather my hands and immediately begin soaping my body, beginning with my breasts and flowing down my flanks to my flat tummy, over my hips around to my tight bottom. I massage sweet-smelling soap into my thick bush, parting my lips and caressing my erect clit. A thrill of pleasure courses through me and I shiver, despite the heat. It really has been a long day, I think; I need this, need to relax, unwind from the stress of work. 

I finish soaping my body and focus on my hair, which is long, silky, and dark, flowing well past my shoulders to my lower back. I shampoo it with a natural, citrus-mint shampoo, and then, after, add conditioner to ensure it stays just the way I like it. 

When all is finished, I emerge dripping from the shower, wrap a towel around my head, and step into a pink terrycloth robe, which I leave open. I dry my hair and leave the bathroom, moving through the hallway into my bedroom, where I stand, mostly naked, in front of a large window, never once thinking anyone was watching me. I lay down on top of my bed, without bothering to cover myself with any sheets or blankets, and begin to masturbate slowly, languidly, stretching to my full height of five feet, looking like a doll amidst the giant surface of my king size bed. 

Gradually, before cumming, I fall asleep, and sleep the dreamless sleep of the truly tired.

Sleep well, my lovely vixen. Get as much as you can before your world comes crashing down- which, sad to say is going to be now."

"Now's my chance," I thought to myself. "With her in dreamland, what better time than now to get the party started."

Seeing she was sleeping soundly like a baby who had their fill of their mother's milk, I decided to act.

Wasting no time, I pounced on top of her, clamped my hand over her mouth and showed her the blade of a sharp knife which I had had strapped to my thigh.

"Lie still or I will slice you- starting with cutting off those eraser size nipples".

At first, she started to try and squirm in the hope of throwing me off her. However, as I moved the knife closer to her nipple, she stopped and lay there, not moving a muscle.

"Much better", I said." "Now, here's what you will do:

throwback the covers, expose that cute body of yours to me, and roll over onto your tummy." Better do it now so you don't make me angry.

Seeing no way out, she did as she was instructed and rolled over onto her tummy. "What a cute butt you have- I bet it is nice and tight-right?" She didn't respond, but just lay there.

Seeing I had her cooperation, I pulled out my prepared syringe and jabbed it with the liquid inside into her firm butt cheeks. Then, I stayed and waited for the drug to take effect.

I awaken in terror, but his palm stifles my scream before it can escape. I struggle beneath him, squirming, writhing, trying to wriggle my way to freedom, but the sight of his knife calms me down - especially when he presses it against my erect left nipple. My eyes widen and my heart races. I snort breath in through my nose, and lie perfectly still. He is so big, so powerful, I feel tiny and helpless and weak. Like a mouse caught in a cat's paws. 

Before I know what's happening, he flips me over and throws my robe aside, exposing my pert buttocks and, nestled deep between my legs, amidst a lush black bush, the pink lips of my parted sex. Fear courses through me like powerful liquor, inhibiting my ability to make proper judgment. I lay perfectly still and then quite suddenly feel the prick of something jabbed into my right butt cheek. 

"Hey!" I cry, lifting my head momentarily off the pillow, but I'm struck by a sudden weakness, which causes me to drop slowly into a black pit of unconsciousness.

As her cry out for assistance is now sounding like someone who has slurred speech from having too many drinks, I wait in eager anticipation for the immobilizing drug to take effect.

At first, she tries to moves and flail her arms and legs, but can't as they are now nothing but heavy logs.

I wait a few more minutes, just to make sure the drug has taken its effect, and then put my plan in action.

With her now lying face down on her stomach, I pull out four zip ties from my pocket. I yank her arms back behind her and use two zip ties to tightly secure her arms at her wrists. I then take the other two zip ties and use them to tightly secure her feet together.

"You sure are such a pretty sight", I laugh at loud. "Love the color of your skin- clean, white, smooth and clear- just like a baby's." "Boy, am I going to have fun with you."

"Time to get the party started", I said to her in a laughing manner. "You are going to be my present tonight, tomorrow and the next night. Seeing I have placed you into this predicament at the start of the weekend, and since it is a holiday weekend at that- you and I will have over 4 days together."

She continued to try and talk but all that came out were mumbled words.

"Me thinks you talks and protests too much," I say to her. "Time to shut you up."

I walk over to her dresser, open it up and what do I find? All different types, styles and colors of Sexy Victoria Secret Lingerie. Digging deeper, I also find two vibrators, a small silver bullet and a large black Bertha.

"Jackpot", I exclaim. "Didn't know just how kinky you were. "Now I'm going to find out."

I take out several different panties- a purple G-string, a black lace thong, a blue French bikini, and a green boy short and put them in my hands. I also take out the vibrators as well.

Taking the panties, I walk over to you and go to the head of the bed. Lifting your head, I pinch your nose so you are forced to open your petite small mouth.

Just as you open your mouth to grasp a breath of air, I cram all four panties into your mouth and then grab the belt from your robe and tie it tightly over your mouth to hold in your wadded-up panties.

"There, that ought to keep you quiet". " Can't have you making any noise."

Admiring my handiwork, I look at your eyes and can see that even though you can't speak, there is still a fire in your eyes of anger.

"Guess I have to make you really angry", I say. "Time to shut your eyes as well."

I pull out a roll of blue duct tape and begin to wrap it several times around your head, covering your gorgeous dark brown eyes.

"Finally, now for the fun."

I take the silver bullet and shove it into your dry pussy, causing her to squeal into your gag. I also tape it in so you can't push it out.

I then take the big black Bertha and shove it hard into your small petite rectum. You again try to cry out as you feel the pain swell inside of you from having it pushed in without any lube. I tape that one in you as well.

Without waiting any longer, I turn both vibrators on high and move away from the bed.


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