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Anyone Love a Facebook Nightmare?


After the Burglar had broken into the Asian MILF’s Home, he found the woman sitting on a couch in the living room reading a magazine. She was so engrossed in the contents of the magazine that she did not see him enter the house or the living room.

As she stopped momentarily from reading her magazine and began to lower it down from her face, she immediately froze as she saw the burglar holding a gun pointed directly at her body. Now, since it was summer and the lovely Asian MILF (she was in her late forties but had the body of a thirty-year-old) enjoyed going out in the sun and getting a golden tan as much as she could, she was wearing a small gold triangle bikini that was visible under the large over-size white t-shirt that went down to her knees.

“Put the magazine down and stand up!”, the burglar ordered. As she did as she was ordered, the burglar noticed that the skin on her exposed arms and legs was a dark golden brown.

“Please don’t hurt me”, said the Asian MILF. “I will do whatever you want, just please don’t hurt me.”

“Oh, I don’t intend to hurt, you,” said the burglar, “I just want to get some photos of you for my collection.”

“Please, just leave, I won’t tell anyone. Please, Please, I beg you to leave me alone,” the Asian MILF said as she began to cry and sob.

“Enough”, said the burglar, who now was becoming upset with her. “Take off the shirt, Now!”

Slowly, the Asian MILF pulled the shirt over her head and revealed the small gold triangle bikini top and bottom that barely covered her breasts and genitals.

“Wow”, said the burglar. “Very nice, let’s see what you got there. Take off the bikini now, too.”

“Please don’t make me do this”, the Asian MILF said.”

“Stop stalling and take it off now”, the burglar commanded. “Don’t make me get angry and have to hurt you!”.

With that, the Asian MILF reached behind her and untied the strings holding the top of the gold triangle bikini top, letting the top fall to the ground and revealing her small petite pale white breasts.

“Now the bottoms”, ordered the burglar.

The Asian MILF placed both her thumbs into each side of the gold bottoms and slowly pulled them down below her thighs and then let the bottoms fall to her ankles. Once the bottoms were below her thighs, her pussy and clit were exposed to the burglar’s view along with pale white skin that showed the outline trace of where her bottoms always covered her pussy area.

“Jackpot” exclaimed the burglar. “You sure are one fine looking Asian MILF.” Can’t wait to get some pictures of you for my collection.” “Step out of your bottoms.”

Fearing for her safety, the Asian MILF stepped out of her bottoms. She stood there with her breasts and pussy exposed, and wondered what the burglar would do next. She didn’t have to wait a long time.

The burglar reached into his pocket and pulled out a length of white rope and a roll of white medical adhesive tape. “Put your hands behind your back”, he told the Asian MILF. Taking the rope in his hands, the burglar walked behind her and tightly tied her hands behind her back.

As the burglar was walking back in front of her, he stopped to pick up her bikini top and bottoms from the floor.

“Open wide,” he said, as he walked in front of the Asian MILF while holding her gold triangle bikini top and bottom in one hand and brandishing the gun with the other.

Seeing she had no choice but to comply, she slowly opened her mouth. The burglar then took the triangle top and shoved it deep into her mouth, followed by her bikini bottoms. One he had both the top and bottoms forced into her mouth, he then took out the roll of white medical tape, ripped off several pieces and then placed those over her mouth and lower jaw to hold her gag stuffed into her petite mouth in place.

The Burglar then took out a digital camera he had and began to take pictures of the Asian MILF.

“Smile”, he said as he began snapping several pictures. Once he was done, he put the camera back into his pocket.

“There, that wasn’t so bad”, he said. “I need to tie you up even tighter so I can have some time to make my get-away.” Where’s the bedroom?” he asked.

Knowing that she wanted to get out of this alive, she jerked her head in the direction of the bedroom. With that, and still holding the gun, the burglar had the Asian MILF lead him into her bedroom.

“Lie down face up on the bed and don’t move.”

As the Asian MILF lay down on the bed, the burglar noticed her computer was on and that her Facebook page was on and open.

While glancing at her Facebook page, he noticed she had over 200 friends listed on her page.

“I bet your friends would love to see these pictures”, he laughed.

When the Asian MILF heard those words, she started to cry and sob through her gag.

“Sorry,” he said, your crying won’t help you.”

With that, the burglar took out the camera, plugged a cable from the camera to her computer and then uploaded the photos of her naked, bound and gagged onto her Facebook page.

“There, that should get you a lot of comments and likes”, he laughed. “Let’s see what else I can post.”

With that, the burglar opened up a drawer next to her bed and found a red vibrator the Asian MILF had and used when she wanted to bring herself off with a powerful orgasm.

“Great, the burglar laughed”, let’s see how many more likes and comments we can get using this”.

With that, the burglar took out two more pieces of rope he had in his pocket and using each piece tied each leg of the Asian MILF to the corner of the bed.

Seeing she was now securely tied and spread-eagled, the burglar took the red vibrator and placed it in her pussy. Then, he took out the white medical tape and ripped off a piece and placed it over the vibrator to hold it in place.

The burglar turned on the vibrator to high and then waited.

As the vibrator began to do its job and the Asian MILF began to have the beginning stages of an Orgasm, the burglar took out the camera.

“Smile for the camera”, he told her as the vibrator was doing its job and the Asian MILF began to writhe and moan into her gag.


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