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Apollo's Journal #1

Apollo’s journal: Beach

He pushed me down in the sand, dropped to his knees and with one hand on my chest pinned me to the ground. He was of early manhood, muscular–built like a surfer, tan, with a messy mop of jet black hair and sea green eyes. I–late boyhood, 18, I think but my thoughts were a mess. I am also tan, lean built but athletic with curly blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

I try to rise but he holds me still, hot sand burns my back, cold waves lap at my feet, his large hand warm on my chest. Why did he push me? I look up at him to ask, but before I can get the words out he flashes me a wild smile. I blush and look away.

“Apollo, golden boy, what brings you to my neck of the ….beaches?” Poseidon chuckles as his hand slides from my chest, down to my abs. I squirm as a tingling runs up my spine. His rough hands on my soft skin feels…i dont know naughty, but I like it.

“I wanted a beach day,” I grunt as my eyes shift between his eyes and his hand which slowly is tracing each ab pack,“have I done something wrong oh Beach Lord?”

The sea god looks up from his finger, which stopped at the lip of my orange swim trunks. He smiles and I can feel my face grow hot. A cool breeze laps at my ears, palm trees over head sway. Poseidon leans in close so we are nose to nose.

“Not at all Sun Prince, You are welcome anytime in my domain,” Poseidon brushes his face against mine, his scruff scrapping my cheek. He smelled of sweat and sea weed.

The Earth Shaker whispers in my ear,

“so long as you pay tribute.”

I squirm. Poseidon laughs, rolling on his back and looking up into the clear blue sky. I sit up, heart pounding, mind racing, a titanium hard tent in my shorts. Poseidon eyes me and my face goes an even darker shade of red.

I crawl over to him, and sit on his thighs. Too shy to do much else. Its not like I was a virgin, Ive been with many mortal men and maidens but never a god. Never one of the three kings.

Poseidon simply looked up at me –still smiling, armpits exposed–seaweed-like pit hair furred out. He had a happy trail of similar hair running down his abs, and he smelled of sweat and salt. I ran my hand over his body like he had done me, his abs stiffened and he chuckled. I felt hands on my hips and then a tug, I now sat on his lap–a large buldge threatening to rip free of its blue swim trunk cage dug into my butt.

He bucked, but held my hips in place and my butt was smacked with his battering ram. I fell forward, landing face first onto his chest. My dick pressed into his abs, it throbbed. I tried to sit up but a hand pressed my hips down. I lifted my head to look Poseidon in the eyes. Hungrily he stared back.

“Come on Apollo, a simple worship, and beautiful beach days from here on out. Can you the eternal boy truely pass that up?” His finger slides into my swim suite, between the crack of my buns. I wiggle yet the finger follows, then in a deeper rumble that makes my stomach turn into butterflies he says, “Can the Bisexual boy god really turn down a stud like me.”

My dick goes rock hard, throbbing violently, so much so I try to smother it in Poseidon’s abs. I hug him close, head on his chest, not wanting him to see I sort of loss control. He was right tho, I did lust after the sea god, for centuries, but I always felt like a child to him. And if you wanted to get technical he was my father’s brother–my uncle–but gods don’t think like that. Can you blame me about having mixed feelings?

Poseidon kisses the top of my head, I look up at him. His hand runs up my back, finding that sweet spot that i remember from infancy that used to calm me–not helping my confusion–and starts massaging deep circles into the spot. Calming my racing heart but churning the storm in my groin. The pot boils over.

I lung up and kiss the salty bastard on the lips. He hugs me close, rolling us over so that hot grains of sand scorch my bare back. He bucks his hips foreword and I can feel something hard poke my hole, I back up.

“I thought I was to worship you my lord?” I look up at him as innocently as possible…which if you know my stories is a feat and a half.

Poseidon looks at me puzzled “You are, submi…”

“But I have a great offering for you, fit to bursting.” I coo, cutting him off, and with a godly thrust I push Poseidon onto his back. With a snap of my finger his swimsuit burst into flames then blows away in the wind as ass. Before I can do more I see the glory of the sea. 12 inches long, brutally thick throughout, and uncut–it looks more like a bulls horn rather than a dick. I feel like a boy again. Transfixed I drop to my knees and reach out to touch it, I hesitate though when I realize its too thick and my fingers won’t reach all the way around. (No wonder his the god of horses). I look up and Poseidon’s just watching me, waiting for what comes next.

I swallow hard. Then with both hands peal back his forskin and lick at his head like a lollipop. Poseidon grins. I wish I could do more but I out of my depth. I wasn’t expecting him to be so naturally overwhelming– like I can barely suck on him, its that thick, so I run my tongue all over.

Then I feel a tingling about my hips and look down just in time to see my own swim suite turn to sea foam. Unbound my own dick springs free, the foam sliding down my thighs, and smacks hard into my abs with a fleshy slap. A wave rushes up and knocks me sideways in a burst of salt water. I land gentally in the sand and then turned on my back by a big hand. Poseidon winks at me and then sets about exploring my Sun Spear…cough, I watch alot of Game of Thrones.

I am not as big as Poseidon, 7 is my godly number and 7 inches is what I have. I like to think what I lack in meat, I make up for in lust. Which I think Poseidon sees for himself because I’m leaking precum everywhere. Unlike Poseidon I’m cut and looking at the two mine looks the part of a prince, his the part of the beast. Intimidating yes but I remind myself that Theseus beat the Minotaur, surely I could handle that….right?

“Why so quiet Apollo? Did I take you breath away?” I go to answer, but Poseidon tugs on my dick and a shiver runs up my spine, “You know I found it very annoying that the bachelor brat never bothered to flirt with me. I had to sit back and listen to how great you are. Now I have you dick in my hand, an event worth praising and you’re silent?”

I go again to speak, but as I open my mouth. Poseidon gobbles my cock whole–straight down to the base. I…was not…ready. One minute I had thoughts, the next my entire being was in my penis. Warm, moist and tight. His tongue tickling the underside of my dick as he swallows it.

Hes too good, I can’t hold it. Lava bubbles up in my balls. And just when I am pass the point of no return, i find I cant cum! The orgasms hits me though and my body shakes/quakes. My godly seed however is trapped inside me–hot–and my dick pulses violently.

I go limp all over, except for my dick, and Poseidon cheekily spits my dick from his mouth. Then lays down ontop of me, our dicks pressed together as Poseidon digs under my arms with his so we are in a weird embrace. With both hands he cradles my face. Then licks me from chin to forehead. Gah!!

“You like that?” He purred and I can only nod. My dick throbs hard, trying to expell my load and again its stopped. Another orgasm is triggered, a hard one, and my toes curl but still no cum comes out. I moan.

“Let me cum, please!!” I beg, the lord of the Sun begging to be set free. Poseidon smiles that wicked grin and rolls us so that he is on his back and I am on his chest. He sits up and strokes the back of my head.

“You want to be free Apollo?” I nod vigorously as another orgasm wave hits. “The only way for you to cum is if I cum, call me a romantic but I like it when partners finish in sync.”

He has the nerve to chuckle and with one hand shoves me into the sand. He spreads his legs wide and winks. I fight off another cum compulsion and crawl nearer. As my body shook itself with wave after wave of unrelease I vowed to show this Sea god the wrath of the Sun!

To be continued


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