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Apollo's Journal #2

Apollo’s journal 2: Sun’$ wrath, Sea’$ whim

I have to admit something, please don’t judge me, I am a godling virgin. By that I mean of all the time on this earth, I have only ever had sex with mortals. I have lain with many a maiden, mastered many a man, been vex by various vixions, and bent by a bar of bros. But of all my sexual trists I have never been with another Devine.

So as I knelt in the hot sand, for the first time in my life, I was nervous. So much so that my true form became exposed, and I lacked the wit to protect it.

There I was: a tan 17 year old jock with short curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes flect with gold. Naked and nearly pubeless, with a throbing 7 inch dick. A dick that Poseidon had bewitched to not be able to cum until he did. I myself never knew gods could do such things like this.

Orgasm waves crash across my body, causing me to twitch and shiver as the volcano that was my dick fought for release. This is torture, the salty bastard was trying to drive me mad. And had the never to be smiling at me like I was some precious puppy overwhelmed by a treat. (I mean i was just that but he had no right to look down on me like that!)

A wave laps at my back pushing me closer to the manimal before me. Poseidon was built like a buff surfer: thick thighs, broad chest, big biceps, and an ass as impressive as his giant cock. Thick black sea weed like body hair cover his ass, legs, abs, chest, and arm pits. He has long unkept black hair and his sea green eyes glittered with mischief. My dick throbs hard, pushing with all its might, but I still can not cum. As if he can see my distress Poseidon has the gull to wink at me.

I start to get mad, but lust is kinda distracting me. So I decide to play his game. I grab his massive thighs, and with a strength my teen body shouldn’t posses, I drag him closer. So that my 7 inch scepter sits a hair’s breath from his hairy hole. I can feel the heat radiating off his buns like an oven and I shiver. His legs wrap tightly around me pulling me close–my head bumping his back door–but I do not enter, not yet.

Instead I lay down on his happy trail and crawl my way up to his chest, the sweat soaked hairy tickling my smooth skin as it inches passed. As I close in on my intended target, Poseidon’s left nipple, I feel his breath catch. My tongue darts out and licks it and his body wiggles as he laughs. Taking his attention away from my dick straining at his hole.

I intended to bite at the hairy teat, but shyness kicks in out of no where and I end up nuzzling my face into his hairy barrel chest. Poseidon kisses the top of my head. And then guides me back down to his ass. I feel wet down there, thinking it at first to be sea water i pay it no mind. But apon closer inspection I find that an ocean of precum is poring out of me. Poseidon’s hole is drenched in it. Another shiver, Poseidon laughs and grabs hold of my slippery dick.

He paints his hole in precum, the thick hairy on his ass tickles as my dick slithers about, then lines up the shot. Big mistake! Barnacle Bro thought me pacified, but as my father marks me to be all the time–i am in fact a brat, i do not bow for long.

I thrust hard, slipping through Poseidon’s meaty fingers and crash hard into his hole. He clentches up, I guess hoping for a glancing blow, he forgets however that I am the god of perfect aim. I penetrate, and sink down to the balls inside the sea god.

Poseidon howls then moans, his innards clamping down on my dick hard. For a moment we are still. Then i begin a slow rhythm and with each thrust his ass answers with a sweaty slap.

Inside hes warm and tight, outside he stiff and blissful. His mast fully erect and leaking. I grab his hips and pull him towards me, he moans–sounding like a husky whale. The ground shakes and the sea crawls up the beach as i pound new depths into mr. Pitchfork. ….I think he heard that, shit.

As if reading my thoughts….most likely he was. Poseidon lunges up, so that his sitting on my lap, hungs me close, and begins to viciously ride me. His bull dick crushed between our abs as he rides.

My knees buckle under the weight, pounded into the ground by Poseidon’s power bottoming. My Dick is lava at this point, I dont feel anything but heat from it. The orgasm waves are stronger, drool runs down my jaw. My abs are drenched in precum, as Poseidon continues to grind his meat between us.

I can’t breathe

I can’t think

All i can do is sense:

Sweat slick skin reeking of musk, salt slick man fur stuck to my soaked skin.

Thick muscles like tan marble bathed in oil crush me to him.

His bull of a dick surfs the rapids of semen that lay between our abs, bucking and burrowing into me and him.

My sun spear lost to the volcano that is his ass. Its volcanous caverns greedily milking me for all I am worth and I can’t deliver.

I go to gulp air and i am blocked by a bearded mouth. That clamps down on my naked lips and unleashes a probing serpent down my throat.

It’s too much, I can’t………



“Apollo wake up!” Barks a man, a naked man, whose cradling me and for some reason has his thick finger lodged in my ass.

I cough, my hole clenching around the finger, and gasp.

“Boy you never heard of a safe word?” Chuckles Poseidon, his finger sliding deeper–i try to climb off his finger but he wont let me escape.

“Have You? I nearly died!!”

“Well your body went limp on me…and the sun blinked out for a bit, so i figured I might have taken things too far.” He says grinning at me, the nerve.

I try again to move but Poseidon simply slides another finger in me. My body pulses. I cant take anymore. I clutch at his chest hair and look up into his face, pleading.

“I know, i know boy, you’ve suffered enough,” he lays me on my back, spreads my legs wide and pulls his fingers out, “this’ll finish it, me taking your godly virginity.”

Poseidon positions himself, and im too delirious to care how big his dick is. Until he rams it in me.

Like taking a baseball bat up the ass with no lube on ur first time bottoming. My back arches and i try to kick him away as I am nothing but pain. I don’t get away and he holds me there.

And then he cums, like lava filling my insides. Theres so much it gushes out and on to the sand. Its like the actual ocean poring into me.

I begin to orgasmicly seizure all over the place. Shaking so badly Poseidon’s dick slips out of me and onto the gooey mess that leaked out of me.

I cry out for release

“Apollo, god of the Sun, cum” Poseidon bellows all godly.

To put it simply, i exploded—not figuratively, no I actually exploded cum and flames everywhere. Barnacle boy was thrown back and half the beach was set ablaze.


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