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Apollo's Journal #4

Apollo’s journal: Awoken,Broken,Token

I crawl, because walking is out of the question. My body is sore, my muscles cramp, I shake all over. But my hole, my hole hurts the most. It’s burning hot and with each movement pain shoots through my body. My insides feel as though they’ve been punched, over and over for hours. But worse of all is this boiling pool in my gut.

I crawl on, down on all fours, belly dragging across the stone. Scratches and scrapes cover my pale skin. My blonde curls sticky with what, i dont know nor remember. Tears pour down my face. It hurts, why would they hurt me? I try to think back….

Massive, crashing against me.

My hole giving way, pain… pain…PAIN!!!

I wretch as a phantom pain strikes. Curling in on myself, i cough out a sob then black out.


“You will leave my sister alone foul fool,” I take aim at his bare chest, “Else you’ll know death at the hands of this shaft!” I growl as i knock the arrow.

The young man, dressed in nothing but a loin cloth, before me turns. He has the build of a wrestler: broad shoulders, thick thighs, and high definition muscle tone. His sweaty bronze skin shimmers as he moves. He looked to be a few years older than me, about half a head taller and instead of golden lock his hair was jet black –buzzcut short. This Tool was messing with my sister, No body messes with my sister but ME!

Orion simpley smiles and aims his bow back, cocky bastard. We are at a stand still. He a Giant, myself a god–enemies meant to slay one another. Cold sweat trickles down my back.

“What will you do sun boy? You know I was born to rival and replace you and your sister,” He sneers,“I am the twins destruction!”

“How’s an Ass like you supposed to destroy the mighty Apollo….and Artemis?” I hiss, but I feel something and it scares me.

“Oh you both are mighty but you both share a fatal weakness,” purs Orion as he lowers his bow and strides forward, I step back.

“Yea what weakness is that?!” I mean to bark but my voice cracks.

Orion rushes forward

i let loose my arrow

he smacks it aside but not before the tip grazes his shoulder.

He tackles me to the ground, pins me to the forest floor. I’m about to send a knee up into his groin when something tugs at the back of my mind. Arte…

“I told you blondie, your weakness do you know what it is?” Orion smiles down at me, I go to push him off and again she stops me–why.

“Artemis is an eternal maidan, she must never lay with anyone. You –on the other hand–are a bisexual slut. Both of you are insufferably arrogant too.”

I took offense to the ‘slut’ comment. I am not a slut, period. Love just eludes me–seriously I pissed off Eros (cupid) and hes made it his mission to damn me when it comes to love. Girls, boys, mortal, immortal any and all slip through my grasp. They either leave me, die, or one month stand me and I am curse with an unhealing broken heart.

“So my sister is basically Asexual and I get around why do you think our sexual habbits will keep me from killing you?!” I hiss as I struggle to get him off me, yet again she stops me.

“Because I was born as both your down falls and my mother knows your types–I am both and neither can resist me.” Heat floods my face but I don’t indulge him. I’m not some lusty slut that can’t control himself. Sure Orion is hot but not hot enough to let him kill me over.

“Oh your not the Target Apollo, Artemis is. See I heard about your lil play date with Poseidon and how Artemis got those sympathy vibes from you twin connection cause your experience was so overwhelming.”

I flinch and I also feel Artemis flinch as well. I dont know where my sister is but this scenario doesn’t seem to be a good thing for either of us.

“So I’m gonna fuck you so hard your sister will feel it, then want the real thing. Breaking her vows would mean damnation. As for you my blonde lil bitch, you came into this world with her and you’ll leave it with her too.”

I have no comebacks this plan is dastardly.

“No Arrows, no powers, I shall kill the twins with my dick alone. Fuck you both into an early grave.” Orion snarls then punches me hard in the stomach. I grunt, my body thuding on the ground from the fist impact. I grab his arm.

“I die by no dick, and I’m not some helpless child–neither of Us are!” I bark back and punch him square in his perfect jaw line. Orion goes sprawling and I get to my knees. The jack ass has the nerve to laugh. Rage bubbles up in me, i run over and kick him in his side as hard as i can–which sent him flying across whatever continent this is……..Italy I’m not sure.

I give chase, summoning my bow and firing Arrow after arrow into his pompous ass. I take aim at his heart and am about to fire when a boulder hits me in the chest, my ribs crack, and i go flying. Landing in a heap on some cliff side. My head rings and my chest is on fire, I can’t move. All I can do is stare up at the sun and wait for my bones to mend.

A shadow blocks out the sky. A dick, a monstrously fat uncut dick hangs above my face. Precum drips down on me, I cringe and look away only for blooded arrows to fall at a heap on my other side. Orion kneels down, sliding his dick across my face, grabs me by the hair and pulls me up to eye level.

“I see with Artemis I must be gental, with you brutal.”

To be continued:

P.s: Someone please save me, I know we’ve just met and all but i beg you don’t let the story go the way it already did. I dont think I can survive this twice.


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