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At a gay bath house

Daddy was a working film and television producer from Hollywood who'd grown up where I was working as a pilot for an aircraft factory and I'm a pro pilot. He was so random and I'd not long before broken up with a girl so I'm bi and totally OK with it. When I saw him I just paused. I never ever looked at guys and thought they were hot but I did him. He looked like a God and was very muscular and had great hair and nice clothes and we locked eyes and he looked right through me. He then gave me an evil smile and walked past me into the bar and my friends hadn't noticed a thing and that made me laugh and we were all drinking and just what pilots do when not flying. He must have walked through the room next to the bar and out of the corner of my eye I without looking directly at him watched him walk through the bar to me and as he was moving past me I looked at him and he looked like a very sexy devil. I could feel him pushing his bulge against my leg and he had my attention. Even his not hard bulge felt big. He smiled evilly again and said Hi, I'm Joe. I must have looked so nervous. I'm Peter not even slightly subtle.

What are you doing tonight Peter? Out with friends from work. Where do you work? And aircraft factory at the airport. Oh you're a pilot? Yes. Cool that's hot and he suddenly reached down in between my legs and squeezed me hard and I could tell right away he liked hurting me. I then finished my beer and he quickly did too. Let's go I said. Yes let's he then said and he went to the door with me following and as I got to it I looked back and they still had noticed nothing and I avoided the gossip circle but I also didn't care. But I still laughed as I left and he was standing right in front of me and he came to me and pushed me against the wall right beside the door to the bar and he began attacking my mouth and dominating it with his tongue. He was so strong and just buff and fucking hot. After some effort I pushed him away and said let's go where we're going. Where are we going. My apartment would work but it's kind of tricky and it wasn't but for some reason I didn't want to go there.

My mother is out of town until 11 am tomorrow. You don't live with her do you? He sneered and said NO!! I'm a film and television producer in Hollywood. You must know people in porn. Yes. Have they ever offered you opportunities? Absolutely and one in particular has been after me for a long time to do it but I've never wanted to. Really? Yes whore really. I decided right then to gibe myself to him to use as he saw fit. He then said you've got to drive because I got dropped off. You did? Yes slut I did and you've got to drive. OK Joe my car's across the street and we walked to it and as we got to it I used my remote lock to open both doors and we got in. And even before I could get my belt on he was over the console mauling my mouth again and groping me hard and all I could do was feel his cock and it felt really big and I wanted all of it and I was going to get it too. And so much more than I'd planned on too.

Again I pushed him away and asked directions please? He gave them to me and it wasn't far. Joe you could have walked. Yes but my friend was going somewhere and so he just dropped me off. Were you looking for a hot boy tonight? No, but I don't mind finding one. Really Joe? Yes. Really? YES WHORE!!! OK Joe. Pull over here. Joe that really was close. I know slut and come in and we both jumped oout of my car and I ran up the hill and began running up the stairs to the front door and as I did Joe ran up behind me and from behind reached in between my legs and again squeezed me hard and he clearly intended to hurt me and he really did and I just made a pain noise as he again just laughed. AS he opened the door and went in he said come in and I followed him inside. As I went in without looking I kicked the door shut from behind and he was standing right in front of me and he came to me and shoved down hard on my shoulders forcing me to my knees and I could then see just how big his bulge was and in person I'd never seen larger and I was dying to both see it and be brutalized with it.

He then grabbed my hair and pulled it hard to again hurt me and I could tell he liked doing it and he'd show me that I really liked it too. And then he turned my head to the side and there was a belt over a chair which caught my attention. See that belt? Yes Daddy. Daddy. I like that and you're going to call me Daddy when you talk to me at all it'll be yes Daddy only and do you want to be beaten with that belt? NO DADDY!! Whore if you're not very obedient you'll be beaten with that belt!! Daddy I'll be the I'll be the most obedient little bottom whore you've ever had and you can do anything you want to me. Just pound my holes as hard as you'd like and defile me and sexually torture me and just brutally use my holes sexy ass-master Daddy! Nice attitude cock-whore. Thank you Daddy. I like that attitude cock-slut. Thank you so much Daddy! You like degradation don't you? I don't know. You also like humiliation. I don't know. Yeah you do and you'll want more and I can tell. And also that'll make you want more. Maybe Daddy. Yeah and I'll have to try to humiliate you as much as I can. OK, Daddy.

Whore if you can match performance to that hot bottom-slut attitude you could be my best little bottom-slut ever. I want to be Daddy. You're going to have to work for it and I'm going to work you hard cum-slut. Thank you for the opportunity Daddy. Alight fuck-whore now get me hard through my jeans and only use your lips and tongue and no teeth or the belt! Yes Daddy only my lips and tongue. Do it now whore!! Yes Daddy and I then used only my lips and tongue to get his what I could feel was a massive cock as hard as IP then could and he was getting really hard too. He then grabbed my hair again and ordered me to only using my lips and tongue to get his cock even harder and I did and he was rock hard and I was so into being his little whore and I decided to even more give him everything he wanted. I just hoped he'd want a lot and he would. But then I didn't know how much.

Daddy I've only got a few rules. Bottom-whores don't make rules you fuck-thing. What are they whore? Daddy only one thing at a time up my ass. Only one cock or vibrator or dildo and if you beat my ass you can only beat my ass and not my back or my legs. Also no scat and if you pee on me if you order me to you can pee in my mouth and I'm not swallowing it. And Daddy I'd prefer a double fiolded belt or your hand or even a paddle. Slut if I decide to and you've made me angry I'll order you to put your head in a pillow so you can scream into it and I'll beat you five really hard strokes and I'll make your ass bleed and I'll bruise you so deep and after when I fuck you your bruises will really hurt and you'll scream more and I'll like that. Daddy you really like hurting me. That's right cock-slut I love it.

Now using only your teeth pull my pants down and start and end here and do it slut now!!! Yes Daddy and as did and came around he'd moved his cock and it was sticking from under his briefs band and I could see all of it and it was the biggest cock I'd ever seen in real life and it was fucking huge and it was so thick and purple with a deeper purple head and a month before we met at a porn store I'd bought the biggest plastic vibrator I could find and in my apartment one afternoon put batteries in it and lubed it and my butt-hole and then slowly worked all of it up my ass and then just lay freaking out about how much plastic cock IP had up my ass and when I wanted to cum I turned it fully on and then fucked myself with it really hard and shot all over my face and neck and I'd been fantasizing about being totally fucked by a very hung guy for some time. I would have all of my fantasies come true that night.

Daddy then ordered me to stop tickling his head with my tongue or I'd get beaten and I then begged him to let me only suck it and he yelled at me DO IT COCK-WHORE AND IF YOU TICKLE IT AGAIN YOU'LL TAKE THE BELT!!! Yes Daddy I'll just suck it and thank you for letting me do that sexy hardcore top ass-master stud!! Then I took him in and then stopped. I'd taken a cock as thick as Daddy's but Tony when I was 18 was 8.5' and I did it purely on a whim. But with Daddy my submissive role meant it would be hotter for me to pretend I needed help when I knew I didn't and when I asked for help Daddy got sort of annoyed and asked how do IP help you fuck-slut? Daddy when I do it again and stop just grab each side of head and shove your cock down my throat. OK whore suck my cock!! So I did it again and he grabbed each side of my head and just put pressure inot it and suddenly his monster cock was going down and he kept going and going and going and it felt like he was never going to stop and finally he was fully down my throat and he began pulling out an inch and just totally fucked my throat and I barely didn't suffocate and he loved how my throat gripped his cock and he would eventually tell me I was his best cocksucker and ass-fuck ever. Then as I felt Daddy tensing up I knew he was going to cum hard and as I tickled his balls and he suddenly started shooting and he just kept shooting as I gulped it down and he filled my mouth five then six full mouths full of his so delicious cum and he practically drowned me with it. Then I licked what leaked off of his cock and balls and he loved it. More later and sorry to stop until tomorrow.


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