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Bad Grades

Shelly has always done well in school, so when her parents got an email from her teachers they wanted to get to the bottom of things. The school is closed on Friday, giving the kids a 3day weekend. Shelly has plans with her friends at the lake, but she's going to be punished, so she's not going. Nathan and Heather Reed are normally pretty lax, but Shelly's bad grades will affect her future. They cannot just ground her, this is a more serious infraction. Nathan told his wife that if his dad was still alive, her ass would be belted as soon as she walked in the door! He loves Shelly, he must discipline his daughter, get her back on track! Heather agreed it is serious enough for a spanking.

I'm sure Mr. Evers and Mrs. Grant have emailed Mom and dad by now, Shelly thought to herself. Maybe I should ask Mr. Evers not to tell them about my grade and see what he says? Shelly waited a min after the last bell of the day rang then she stopped at her teachers desk and pleaded w him not to tell her parents. Putting his hand up, he shushed her, Mrs. Grant and I have already told them, so save your breath young lady! Shelly pretended being upset, stomped her feet, whined a little, slammed the classroom door! Shelly knew the only way to get her parents to spank her would be to let her grades slip in more than one class. She has fantasized about this for a long time! Being late, mouthy, bad attitude, not doing her chores hadn't worked. Shelly's best friend, Mia gets spanked all the time and even though it hurts, it makes her pussy wet! Mia tried to get her dad to spank Shelly a few times bc they were together when they misbehaved, but he wouldn't do it.

It is 3:45, where the hell is she Heather?! School has been out for 30 minutes!!! We live 1 block away! I'm sorry nathan, I don't know! Are you that excited to spank Shelly?! No, I want to know if she's ok?, on drugs, depressed?! Something must be really wrong for her to be getting two D's! She's always gotten straight A's!

Oh good! She's home! As soon as Shelly opened the door she heard her mom say, please come into the living room Shelly, we need to talk to you. Shellys tummy flip flopped, she knew it was coming. Her mom started off by asking if she's depressed, suicidal? Shelly shook her head, said no, why?! That's when her dad asked if she's been drinking heavily or taking drugs, could she be pregnant?! Shellys eyes got big as saucers, yelled, No Way! I'm a virgin daddy!!! Then he gave her the email to read from her teachers. Smiling inside, she just looked down, said I'm sorry guys, I'll do better. Nathan took the email from his daughter and said, yes you will. First of all, you're grounded, give your mom your phone, laptop, all other devices. Secondly, pull your pants and panties down, you're going to get a bare ass spanking, get over here NOW!!! Shelly tried to run to her room, but her dad was all state in track, he's fast! Nathan picked Shelly up, told her it'll be worse bc she ran! He told his wife to pull down shelly's pants, panties, lay her across his lap. When she was in position, her daddy spanked her bare ass 20 times alternating hands on her ass cheeks! He lectured her too, said he's disappointed in her, she's not going to college w grades like these! He can't stand being lied to! Heather remarked on her attitude and lack of chores lately too. Shelly was struggling, trying to put up a good fight, make it look real! Then Heather took her turn! She disappeared , when she came back into the living room she had a new wooden hairbrush in her hand. Shelly begged her mom not to spank her w it, Heather told her, you do the crime, you do the time! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Her mom spanked her six more times really hard, making Shelly's eyes spill over with hot tears rolling down her cheeks! Nathan felt guilty, but he couldn't stop his growing erection under his half naked daughter!!! Shelly struggled more, she wanted to feel her dad's cock on her belly! Nathan helped Shelly up, then he unbuckled his worn leather belt, he told his wife to hold Shelly's hands so she can't cover herself up, when he saw her hands restrained, he raised his arm back and gave her what she wanted, four hard spanks with her daddy's belt! Shelly cried, came in her mother's ear!

The hours leading up to her spanking her mom and dad snooped in Shelly's room. They found a lot of interesting things; all the homework that she hadn't turned in, but was 100% done and correct, as well as, her diary, which outlined her whole plan. Also, she's tried to be spanked at Mia's house, at school. Both Dan, Mia's dad, the principal, Sam Geery told her no. Heather also likes to be spanked before, during, after sex. She wondered if Shelly saw or heard her daddy spanking her?

After Shelly was spanked she was to stand in the corner until nathan told her she could go to her room. After 20 mins she was told she could go and that she'd be eating dinner in her room and she's going to bed at 7pm as part of her punishment.

Dinner was cleaned up by 7, they tucked in their daughter and kissed her goodnight. Heather hasn't felt this horny in a very long time. Nathan gives her a good fucking every week or so. Tonight was different, she felt primal!!! Nathan makes love very well, but tonight, Heather needs to be Fucked!!! She didn't even want to kiss! How could she be feeling this turned on by her own daughter's spanking?!? She'd repent later! She needs to CUM!!!!!

Nathan led Heather to their basement, it is soundproofed and tonight that was needed! Heather growled, pounced on her hot hubbys cock! She almost sucked him dry! He made her stop, he wanted to shoot his cum deep in her cunt! Heather's pussy was leaking so much of her own juices, then to add Nathan's cum!...Heather gushed cum from her pussy, leaving a huge wet spot on the bed! Spent, they fell asleep holding eachother.


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