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Bait and Switch

I had just walked out of an unpleasant argument with my girlfriend. She wouldn't give into my most basic and reasonable pleas for affection while continuing to mock and belittle my efforts to no end. I finally had to walk away from her to regather my peace of mind.

I went to the bar down the street. I sat alone and made friendly conversation with the familiar bartender while sipping on my Jack. Timed to the song change, a handsome man with lean muscles and broad shoulders caught my eye. He appeared to be a few years older than me, and his smile was absolutely magnetic. He approached me and the bottom of my glass, and he called out to the bartender to pour me another one. I turned to him and smiled, thanking him for the drink.

We continued our friendly small talk for nearly thirty minutes, joking about small town bars and indulging each other's attempts at throwing darts. I went out that night hoping I might meet a sweet and genuine man to help take my mind away from the emotional torment at home. I turned to him and ran my hands down his arms as I told him about how much I was enjoying our evening.

At that moment, I caught eyes with my girlfriend walking into the bar. She knew that she would find me here, and I wasn't all that surprised that she showed up. She went to the bar for her dry martini and kept a distant watch on me while I continued to effuse bubbly compliments to the handsome stranger. Once she finished her second martini, she decided to approach.

She gave me a nod and a subtle pinch on my ass, and she politely introduced herself to my suitor. She noted that his beer was running low and went to get the gentleman a fresh beer, and I continued to captivate his myopic intentions. When my girlfriend returned, she and I had already silently agreed that he was to be our captive for the night, he just didn't know it yet.

He thanked my lover for the beer, and he laughed with us about how fortunate and grateful he felt to have the company of two such beautiful and enchanting ladies. I don't think he realized just how lucky he was that night. My girlfriend made sure that our new friend had just enough to feel confident and intriguing but that he also maintained the illusion of control. We shared some laughs and a few more rounds, and eventually my girlfriend invited us to continue the night at our apartment. We both had walked and lived just blocks away, but we let this kind gentlemen give us tipsy damsels a ride home, and we graciously invited him upstairs.

He walked in and as soon as I took his jacket, my girlfriend grabbed him by the

collar, looked into his eyes, and kissed him deeply. He quickly succumbed and followed her ferocious pursuit down into her shadowy bedroom. I watched her push him back onto the bed and undo his belt buckle. His jeans and boxers fell to the floor. I walked up behind her and grabbed her hips as I pressed my lips into the back of her neck.

She reached around and grabbed me by the back of the head. She pulled me in close and reminded me that I was her good girl for the night. I nodded and she directed my head to our eager guest. He was already so hard and throbbing, and I didn't think his poor fantasies hadn't prepared him for his evening with us. She told our guest that I wanted to impress him with my mouth, and she devilishly boasted to him that she knew how proud I was to show off. I took his cock into my mouth, just teasing the head with my tongue. My girlfriend pushed my head down, forcing him deep down my throat until I gagged. She held my head down until I teared up. When she let me come up to catch my breath, she proceeded to deepthraot him until he had to beg her not to make him cum.

She wasn't ready for him to cum yet either. She wiped her mouth, left him hard and throbbing, and left the room. I gently touched his shoulder and he grabbed my hips and threw me on my back. He bent down and licked my cunt so sincerely, his tongue applied the perfect pressure in the perfect places. My girlfriend had gone to strap on, and she came back ready with lube.

She grabbed the man by his hips and pulled him towards her. She told him that he was being such a good boy for licking me so well. and she encouraged him to continue. He buried his head between my legs, and she entered him from behind. He screamed out, and I stroked his neck as my moan grew louder. He begged to touch himself, and he desperately whimpered that he was about to cum. At that moment my lover looked up me and told me to cum for her. The guest of the night and I both had explosive orgasms at the same moment, mine in his mouth, his in his hand.

I sat up and my girlfriend and I shared a deep kiss. I got up off the bed, put on the man's boxers, and went to take a shower. My girlfriend took it upon herself to give the bewildered specimen a fake phone number, and send him home commando.


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