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Bea's Secret friend Chapter 2 Training

The vibrator was removed preventing her from orgasyming. She heard a low choking sound “Put this one on her,” Bea didn't understand what was going on until she felt the vibrator violently rammed into her pussy. She screamed and then felt something rammed into her mouth. It felt like something the dentist used to keep his patients mouth open. The taste of rubber filled her teeth and at the same time held her jaw open. “Good girl now keep teasing her but don't let her cum. I'm going to fuck you up the ass for being a good little nympho. She heard a muffled voice

“Yes sir.” Bea tried not to moan but the fact that she had been fantasizing about this happening to her all night had her in a good state of arousal. She heard a faint whining and then the vibrator was placed inches away from her pussy.

“Does Master's tongue feel good on your pussy?” Bea didn't know what frustrated her more, the fact that she was being teased and raped, the fact that she wanted to cum but was constantly stopped despite the fact she was being raped or that she was starting to get jealous of the girl that was helping with the rape. She heard a gurgled yes come from her. “Squeeze your tits around my cock,” she heard the sounds of sex across from her. She twitched herself trying to get closer to the vibrator God help her she was going crazy and actually wanted to see his cock, just see it to appease her curiosity. “Does it feel good when I play with your nipples while they're around my cock,” God why did he have to be so descriptive, was he trying to drive her crazy. She snorted in disgust, of course he was that was he was doing it. She heard a light whining and then felt her jaw freed from the harness. “Do you want something Bea?” the arrogance in his voice stirred her from her lustful haze.

“Go to hell,” NO just tell him what you want her inner voice screamed. “Won't give you satisfaction she said squirming.

“Lick her tits, while I get ready to cum. She felt the familiar tongue on her nipples. Bea felt ashamed that a woman could make her hot the way she was now. She could hear the wet sound of the guard stroking his cock getting ready to cum. “Nympho get the doublender” She felt the warm tounge leave her nipples.

“No wait please.. the.. vibrator” Bea breathed out hard.

“You had your chance and were rude. Maybe a good hard ass fucking is what you need.”


“Nympho put one end in your pussy,” she felt a powerful set of hands grab her legs and pull them close to her head. “And I want the other end in this tight little ass,”

“Wait, please I'll do whatever you want just not there please.

“But that is what I want. I want to watch you get piledrived for ten minutes then maybe you'll learn to be more respectful.” She felt the rubber tip being moved back and forth across her asshole by the girl known as Nympho. Suddenly it was shoved into her and Bea honestly thought she was going to die, this was kept up for awhile before finally stopping, all that time she could hear Nympho moaning as she could imagine the dildo going in her pussy. The guard finally let her legs down only to feel the vibrator on her pussy again. She felt herself getting wetter but didn't want to give her captor the satisfaction of breaking her. It was made harder by the fact that they weren't going to let her cum. They pulled out a pair of buds and started rubbing them against her nipples every couple of seconds then stopping as soon as her breathing got heavier. “Is there something you want to say Bea?” the guard asked. Bea bit her lip, her loins were going crazy. The bastards wouldn't stop teasing her but she didn't want to give him the satisfaction her tongue clucked against the top of her mouth. Have to hold out but then a scary thought started to fill Bea's head, was she delaying because she didn't want to give him any satisfaction or was it possible that it was because she wanted more. She shook her head refusing to accept the second option. She felt the vibrators intensify the stimulation on her nipples and clitoris while the Nympho's tongue was licking hot cum off her face.

“Please,” Bea cried “I.. I can't” She felt an even more intense rubbing on her clit than before. “No more please,” They pulled it away. She started twitching uncontrollably now that her darkest fantasy was coming true. But she had no control. “Alright you in win I want to cum,” she said in shame.

“Say please” the guard taunted her.

“Please, please let me cum, I.. I can't take it anymore. Please let me cum”

“Oh not yet but soon,”

“Pleeease, I'll do anything just let me cum,” She didn't hear a response but she did feel a cold damp cloth go over her nose and then she blacked out.

She awoke to find herself in a standing position, but her blindfold was off and she could see that she was in a cellar or a basement or something. She tried to move but found her legs were chained to the floor and still separated by what she could see was a metal bar harness her arms were bound in ropes and she was hanging from a beam. Her body felt sore and she was still in a lot of pain but she also was shamefully frustrated.

“Still want to cum Bea?” she heard her male captor behind her, she then felt his strong hands rubbing her ass. No not just rubbing it but rubbing something on it, then she heard him spit and felt a wet tingling sensation in her ass hole. She started to panic, she had already been raped up the ass once, she didn't want it to happen again.

“You might as well relax Bea,” this is going to happen, she felt something small and plastic rubbing against her ass hole. “How easy or rough is all dependent on you,”

“Leave me alone you bastard,” she screamed but the harness made it all but indistinguishable. The guard inserted a small butt plug in her ass. She felt a tingling by her pussy and saw that a small vibrator was attached so it was just outside her pussy lips. The tingling sensation was enough to stimulate her but not enough to grant her any satisfaction. Just as before the vibrations were sat at a random pattern all Bea knew for certain was they ended to quickly and didn't last long enough to begin with. Her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears as she felt the plug pushed deeper into her ass while the vibrator pressed against her clit. “Let me cum please,” she begged through the harness. The vibrator rubbing her tight little pussy lips, her juices already flowing on the instrument. She felt the plug slowly being pulled out of her ass and vibrator slowly being taken away. Once again she was left in a frustrated state. He came close again and she expected him to start all over again. Instead she felt his strong hands gently washing her, soaping up her body, she looked to see that there was a sink close by with a shower nozzle. He washed everything fondling her only long enough to increase her arousal and then pulling away. He would rub her breasts and squeeze on her nipples. His fingers would rub gently against her pussy lips until a soft moan escaped then he would stop. She could feel his fingers in her, teasing her as he caressed her ass, occasionally rubbing her hole with his thumb.

“If you promise to obey my every command, I’ll let you cum.

“I promise, I’ll obey,” she said really meaning it at the moment.“I promise,” she tried to speak but it was hard to understand her with the harness on. “Please Master,” she begged. Upon hearing her refer to him as Master she finally felt the vibrator shoved in her. It wasn’t long until she felt his fingers playing with her nipples.

“Feel good Bea?”

“Yes Master,” she cooed, “thank you,” and finally let loose with a huge orgasm .It was the most intense orgasm she ever remembered having. She allowed herself to pant for a bit while her captor was doing something behind her. Is he going to fuck me now? a small bit of shame creeped into her as she realized a small part was hoping that was the case. After all if a vibrator could make her cum like that imagine what the real thing could do.

“You’ve been a good girl Bea, so I’m going to let you go home,” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, he kidnapped her, raped her, humiliated her and now he was just going to let her go. ‘This is what you wanted Bea, a kidnap fantasy, from the look of all the juices between your legs you enjoyed it enough,” She felt a flush in her cheeks. She had to admit he was right. “I also have copies of our conversations and video footage of you begging to cum,” Bea slumped her head defeated. She had been kidnapped and abused and all she could do was live with it. She felt a cold rag pushed over her face, than all went black.


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