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Being the Madame

I was working as a madame to several young women who needed quick cash and a roof over their heads. I managed all of their clients and appointments, and I made sure that all of my girls stayed tidy and presentable. I always treated my whores with the love and respect that they so desperately craved, but only to ensure my own monetary gain. Of course I gave my girls a generous cut for their earnings, but I ran my brothel like a business. I managed my staff to ensure that they always turned me a profit for me and that they were always dependent.

I held myelf and my girls to high standards. Sometimes girls would cry or complain because some client was mean to them, and I would adequately soothe them into complacently taking just one more cock for me. Some girls struggled with my strict quota, and I would get calls with excuses and pleas about a sore pussy. I take a stern tone when necessary. I would berate and shame bitches until they suck it up and do what they're told. If my gentle sweet talking or my verbal humiliation didn't convince them, then I would threaten to take my cut for their missed clients out of their earnings. I rarely resprted to such threats, but they were often very effective in motivating my little whores. Never would I hit them though. Strict rules against roughing up the girls.

I was also very selective about my whores. I only wanted young, deperate, malleable, and strikingly beautiful young women to serve under me. I wanted girls who were in need of cash for survival, but more than that, they needed the guiding reign of a fair yet strict madame. I wanted and sought obedient whores. I personally recruited each of my girls, except for one.

This one special whore had learned about my business from an older gentleman who tried to buy her dinner when she was sitting on a curb looking hungry. She was starving, but she refused all of his help out of a sheer sense of pride. She told him that she didn't want any charity. She wanted to work to support herself, and she was willing to do just about anything. The kind stranger had my secret password business card with him from a previous booking, and he passed along the job opportunity to this sweet young girl.

She was feisty and precocious, and I had doubts about her mental fortitude from the very beginning. I was concerned that she was too needy, and she asked too many questions. I explained to her my basic rules, and she eagerly listened and nodded along to every piece of information. Then she had the audacity to ask me something that a whore had never asked me before. She asked me if I would give her a kiss at the end of the night.

I gave a condescendingly puzzled look, and I told her perhaps, but only if she was a good little whore who did everything she was told. I'd be in touch with her gentleman callers, and if one told me that she refused suck his dick or didn't make her ass available, I'd make her suffer for it. I get a bonus each time she receives anal, so I didn't want to hear any complaining about how much it hurt. I was much harsher with this young girl because I could tell she was so far from broken. I threateningly promised her that she will get what she asked for, and her ass will pay no matter what.

She challenged me again with another question, wondering what she should do if he is too big for anal. I responded patiently, called her sweetheart, and I further explained to her my expectations while I tucked her hair behind her ear. I told her that I wasn't forcing anything, and that it wa all up to her. She could either let down her Madame and be a waste of whore, or she can be a good girl and take it. Her choice. She looked back at me with some fear in her eyes, so I told her what she can expect as the result of her choices. I could let you come home to a soft kiss and a cuddle, or you could wind up on the cot in the basement, specially reserved for my lowet earner.

She nodded again, hoping to end the night with a kiss and not the isolated cot. She promised me that she would be a good girl and let the clients take her ass, but she defiantly stated that she planned to whine to clients and to me. At this point, I was beginning to lose my patience, and I responded heatedly, "Bitch, are you fucking kidding me? Never whine to the client, do you understand?" I crudely explained to her that all he should hear are moans and praise about how much she loves his cock. I emphasized that she needed to act like she worshipped every dick who could pay, whether she enjoys it or not. Her eyes lowered and I detected some sadness, so I reasured her that I was still her Madame, just a phone call away. I told her that she can whine to me all she wants, and I'll keep consoling and calling her 'honey' right up until she meets your quota. I ominously reminded her that after that, her whiny pathetic ass is all mine.

She looked so tragic and frightened, and she nodded and told me that she knows her ass belongs to me. She promised to be such a good whore for me. I believed her, I and sent her out for the day.

It wasn't long before she called me. She wanted to cry to me about her sore ass. I let her cry and vent to me, and I consoled and pesuaded her, "You said something about him being too big for your ass and how sore you are? I know it hurts, sweetheart, I'm tough on you because you're my best whore. I know you can take it, right honey? You're doing such a good job, just keep plowing and when you get back, I'll reward you." I could hear some lightness return to her voice, clinging to that glimmering possibility of returning home to some genuine affection. She promised me that she she would make it through the day, and that she wouldn't call me crying anymore. The bitch actually kept her promise, and she didn't call me with any more whining. I was impressed.

She came home from a long fully-booked day, and her lip was trembling. I couldn't help but take her into my arms and wrap her in a blanket. I also cogently reminded her of the work day she had, and I told her that she must feel so dirty and used. I told her to go rinse off in shower while I drew us a hot bath. As she undressed for her shower I promised her a gentle massage while she cries all about her hard day.

She joined me in the bath, and I told her how proud she had made me. I scrubbed her back while I kissed her neck and caressed her back and shoulders. She responded viscerally, so I thought that maybe she felt too dirty to be touched. I stepped out of the bathtub to let her relax alone, and I also told her that I had a warm bed and how I would love to make you my little spoon. I gently told her that the pressure of my hips on her sore ass could make her feel better. She joined me in bed not long after, and I engulfed her with my body. I gently grinded my hips into her as I whispered in her ear, "You are such a good girl. I know you're going to be an even better whore for me tomorrow." I kissed her earlobe and whispered, "Goodnight sweet girl, see you in the morning."


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