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Beyond midnight part 1

My mother always said "nothing good happens after midnight. " this is the story of the time I didn't listen.

Mid July. The weather was perfect. The days were hot. The summer looked promising. And I still had over a month before my first year of college at dupage just minutes from my home in Glendale Hights, a suburb of the best city in the world, Chicago! I dreamed of getting away and going to school on the west coast, but my Mom convinced my Dad that me sticking around and doing community college for my associates was a better option. And since he is footing the bill, 7 minutes from home is about as far as I will get!.

My friends have all taken fancy vacations, to Hawaii, Italy, and Mexico this summer, and I am stuck working at johns doughnut shop all summer. At least a few cute cops come in and brighten my day. And the festival starts tonight!!!! I took the evenings off for the entire festival. Every morning I have to go in early, but that means I am off by 2pm to enjoy the live bands, and even the carnival.

I left work at 2, turned my phone on to check the messages from Cindy who I was going to pick up from the airport at 430. She missed her flight and wouldnt be in till the next day. Thankfully when I got home my mom was still gone at work. She left a note on the counter saying she would be at work late, probably till 8pm. I left a note telling my mom Cindy got in earlier and would meet me at the ticket counter. I knew my mother would never let me go to it by myself. I mean come on, I am 18 years, and 6 months, old. I am pretty sure i can handle going by myself. Besides I'll know half the people there anyway.

I ran upstairs to my room. I took a long hot shower making sure I shaved everything. I braided my long blond hair and tried on at least 10 different outfits. I finally settled on a navy blue tank top, a short white lace skirt, and my cute cowboy boots. I stole a sexy red pushup bra from my mom and my white cotton panties, so they wouldn't show thru the skirt.

By 6pm I was out the door and just a few minutes later was at the ticket counter with my older sisters id. Thankfully she had given it to me before she went on vacation with my dad. She told me I could use it to get into the beer tent at the festival!!!! Score! Nothing like dancing to my favorite country songs drinking with friends, and strangers!

3 beers and 4 bands later I reached into my purse to check what time it was. My phone was gone! I reached behind me to check my pickets before realizing I was in a skirt. For the next 5 minutes, maybe an hour, I have no clue how long I ran from booth to booth, ride to ride, checking for my phone. And then suddenly someone grabbed my arm.

"Susan? " I Spun Around And Tried To Pull my arm away. Until I saw who it was.

"Officer Mike!" I exclaimed. He was one of the cops that frequented the shop i worked at. I think he also went to school with my sister. He was so dreamy. 6 years older than me. But damn fine. His large green eyes, curly brown hair, and fit 6 foot 5 body. He was in full uniform. Man a man in uniform. So sexy!

" Thank God it's you. What time is it. I lost my phone and I can't find it anywhere!"

"Susan, I have been watching you all night. You have been drinking. How? Your barely 18. I am taking you home right now!"

"Nooo." I pouted "my mom thinks I am with a friend, she will ground me forever, not to mention losing my phone and being drunk. Please just help me find my phone."

I gave Mike my number and he called my phone.

A Carney named Jim answered and told Mike where to meet him to get the phone.

He grabbed the back of my neck with a firm grasp. And growled in my ear. "If you were my daughter I would bend you over my knee and spank that naughty girl right out of you. You are turning into your sister Brooke, she was a party girl, and became the biggest slut in school. Such a waist. Let's go get your phone. Then I am taking you home." He pushed me forward, never letting go of my neck, and lead me straight to the main carnival trailer

He pounded his fist on the steel door. I swear the whole trailer shook. I looked down on the ground. The door opened and the Carney said "you must be Susan. I recognize you from your photos, come on in, I have a paper for you to sign and then the phone is all yours again."

I started up the stairs still not making eye contact with officer Mike or the Carney.

"James thompson?" Mike shook hands with the Carney. "Oh man it's been years, how have you been?"

James thompson, shit! I looked up. And there right before me was Brooks ex boyfriend. "Hi james." I squeaked out.

"I am good Mike, real good. Get to travel across the country, it's hard work, but man it's awesome." Turning to me "Suzie Suzie suzie... my my have you changed. You should think about putting a password on your phone. Damn girl you take a lot of hot photos, you don't want your sweet mamma to see those."

"No, please, don't tell her!"i begged "she is gonna kill me. Fuck I don't know what to do."

I sat down on the bench in the trailer and lost it. I started crying as both men started looking thru all my photos. My ex boyfriend asked me to send a lot of nudes to him, because I wouldn't have sex with him. I finally broke things off when he kept pressuring me. The men kept talking about all the trouble I was in. And how sad and disaponted my mother would be. I sobbed.

James finally put my phone down and knelt down before me. "You Are Not The sweet innocent suzie I met 10 years ago!"

I wiped the tears off my face and cleared my throat. "No, James I am not, so here is what I am offering. I will give you both blowjobs right here, right now, if you swear you will never tell anyone about anything that happened tonight, or anything that is on my phone."


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