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Birthday Spanking

I get out of bed and gaze at him from the hallway with my tea in my hand. He’s writing in the living room. His newly bright pink hair falls in his face and he pushes it back. I get a tingly feeling whenever he does that. He looks up at me, and smiles warmly.

“Good morning, birthday girl. Good thing you woke up shortly after I made you tea.” I blush. He always seems to know when I wake up.

“Thank you Mark.” I still stand there leaning against the wall watching him and smiling, playing with the string from my tea bag.

“I have no idea how you do this whole writing thing, Molls. How do you manage to sit there for hours and just write fanfictions about us like the wind?” I come over and sit by him on the couch. He gives me his computer to let me see what he has so far.

“It just comes to me babe. I really can’t describe it any more than that.” I rest my head on his shoulder reading what he wrote. He kisses the top of my head.

“What do you think?” I start tearing up when I see he wrote me the most beautiful love letter I’ve ever read.

“Oh Markimoo. This is beautiful. Thank you so much.” I look at him and he wipes my tears away.

“Hey now! No tears for my birthday girl! Birthday kissies in order!” He takes his laptop and sets it on the table and crawls on top of me while giving me raspberries all over my neck and cheeks. I laugh hysterically and scream from the tickles.


“These are my special kissies for you on your birthday though!” He goes down to my stomach and lifts my shirt and raspberries me again, making me almost kick him off the couch from laughing so hard.

“Mark! I swear if you don’t stop!” He comes back up to my face and kisses my forehead and nuzzles me. I run my fingers through his fluorescent pink hair.

“You should let me color yours sometime today. You said you’d let me.” He kisses my cheek softly and I make a little squealing noise.

“This is very true.” I get up and go to the closet and find the purple hair color and throw it to him. “Here!”

“Violet. So you’ll be purple and I’ll be pink?” He asks.

“Yes! Mine won’t be as vibrant as yours though babe.” He pouts.

“But, but…I’ll look sillier than you.” I giggle softly and come over to him and grab his hand, being sentimental.

“Aw babe……where’s the change?” I get ready to make a break for it when he stands up and starts chasing me.

“You little poophead! Get back here!” He says laughing. I run out of the apartment and out of the building and run around to the back. I put my back up against the brick wall and hear for him. “Oh Molly! Molly Dolly! Where are you Miss Molly?”

“MARCO!” I yell as I see him walk around the corner. He sees and charges after me.

“POLO!” I try to run away but he grabs me from behind around the waist and lifts me off the ground.

“Ahhh! Mark!” I say giggling loudly.

“I caught myself quite the cutie, haven’t I?” He says and smooches the nape of my neck. He puts me down and I turn around and wrap my arms around his waist and listen to his heartbeat.

“Yes you have, love.” I laugh and I hold him tighter and he holds back just as tightly.

“You’re so tiny. You make me feel tall. I like it.” I look up at him.

“I like you.” I say. He crouches down a bit and wraps his arms around my torso and lifts me up as I envelop my arms around his neck.

“Well, I love you. So ha. I win.”

“I love you more.” I snicker.

“Okay, okay. It is your birthday. I’ll let you have this win.” I run my hand up and down the back of his head. freshly buzzed hair. One of the best feelings ever.

“Yay!” The stocky Korean rubs his nose against mine and kisses it. I nuzzle my face into his neck and kiss his collarbone when we walk back into the apartment.

“Mm. Hair coloring time?” He lies back on the couch with me lying on top of him, resting my head on his chest and my eyes closed.

“Cuddle time I prefer. Then Starbucks.” He giggles. “Whaaaaaaat?!” I ask.

“You and your coffee addiction, babe. That’s all.” He says rubbing my back.

“It isn’t a coffee addiction. Just your stereotypical white girl pumpkin spice frappuccino addiction. No big deal.” I say chuckling.

“Good thing it’s only a fall thing then! Because I don’t know how I could handle your energy on those things all year.”

“You could handle it! You know I think if it weren’t for coffee, civilization would go to shambles.” I say.

“Oh really now? How do you figure this Miss Molly?” Mark asks sarcastically.

“Well, hear me out here. If it weren’t for coffee, people like you waking up early to do their jobs would be asleep on the job. If they are asleep on the job, the job wouldn’t get done; Job doesn’t get done, people are not satisfied. Or people could possibly die if it’s a construction job or something along those lines. Bridges wouldn’t be built. Roads wouldn’t be assembled. People couldn’t get to their jobs. People’s houses would be on fire longer because firefighters would be slow because there wouldn’t be any coffee. The stock market might crash because people weren’t paying attention, because NO COFFEE. You, Jack, Wade, Bob, Aaron, the grumps couldn’t upload videos for yous guys’ fans because there is no energy to edit, meaning no videos. BECAUSE NO COFFEE. Teachers couldn’t teach students what they need to know because NO COFFEE. If it weren’t for coffee, you would not know what you know from engineering school. Coffee is what makes the world go round my dear. Not love. Not money. But coffee.” As I finish, Mark has the most blank look on his face ever.

“And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my girlfriend. I can’t IMAGINE what could have attracted me to you!” He says laughing hardily. “So you’re saying that if it weren’t for coffee, we’d pretty much be extinct.”

“Hmmm…yeah pretty much, from an apocalypse. The craziest part is that in the weirdest, most indirect way, I am probably right.” I boop his nose and he boops mine back.

“You’re a crazy biscuit.”


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