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Boss lady

Men fart and thats no news to anybody. Men fart really loudly thats also not a great surprise. But a woman farting loudly with no shame or hesitation is rare in most countries. I used to hear my dad fart regularly but never heard my mom or any woman i knew fart which gave me the impression that women don't fart. That opinion changed when i got married to my long time love Vinny. My wife had no fear of farting near me or even on me while we had sex. Vinny was the only sister to 4 brothers. Her brotgers were body builders so they followed a protien diet in thier house. The protien gave her brothers a good body but vinny just got gas. She never told me about her fetish of farts. She farted shamelessly while i used to rim her anal opening or while i banged her from behind. Some of her farts were so long and loud that even i felt ashamed. She loved to be the boss lady in the room. She used to say always " me and my mom are used to fart sounds and smells, my brothers never held back any gas,and my mom herself was a fart tank" . I also began to enjoy it slowly. I started to ask her about her farts and even about her mommy. She never knew i loved to see her mom nude on the toilet farting while blowing my flute. Vinny loved when i farted in her thin mouth while she gave me rimjobs. Eat more meat and fart it will make the fartd more manly, even your mother in law farts louder than you she said once while eating my ass. I held her face in my stinky butt and farted till she gagged turned aroundvand shot my load directly into her already gas filled mouth. I hope your mother doesn't do that i said. You f'ing assole she screamed and ran to the toilet i followed her and saw her trying to puke. I went on my knees and started eatong her ass. Vinny had a large butt and hairy V. She held my face inside hr butt and pushed so hard that a huge log slipped out of her bums. I luckily pulled out my face in time orelse would hve had a huge piece of lady doody slide down my system. Oh crap said vinny and started cleaning up, please leave i am embarrased she said. I could not resist myself so i held her tightly bend her doen and started banging her hard. Does your mom do this vinny i asked her before both of neared our orgasms. Does she, fat old woman farts more than me huh, tell her this now and this and this i screamed with every thrust. Vinny shivered and started holding my cokk tighter btwn her legs while i came hard on her. Tell mommy that i fvk harder than i fart i said before pulling out. She turned around and smiled at me in satisfaction. I will tell mommy dear, dont worry but you still fart likr a little girl she said closing the door.


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