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Burning Embers 2

Jessica loves the new book she's reading! She can't put her finger on why yet, but some of the story is familiar to her. For example, when she and Jake were going to make love for the first time, she got her period. He was understanding, took care of her all week, back rubs, hot soaks in the bath tub, chocolate or icecream was on hand too. Another part that brought back a memory was when they went on a picnic, Jake unfurled the blanket, a fat mouse jessica named Gus from Cinderella jumped out, a snake, they named Lucifer grabbed it a few seconds later! They laughed, still wanted to make love, Jake took jessica to his house, his parents wouldn't be home for hours.

Jake lit candles, played soft music, they started kissing, slowly at first, then their passion grew! Naked, hungry for eachother their hands, bodies caressed, jessica wasn't scared, she loves Jake. She wants to show him how much she loves him, taking his beautiful cock in her mouth, for a virgin, her blowjob skills were amazing! Tasting his own cum when he kissed her, he said, Slimy, yet satisfying, a quote from The Lion King. Laughing, Jake laid jessica onto his bed, spreading her legs, gaining access to her juicy peach! Savoring her juices, sucking on her clit, fingering her trimmed pussy! The constant gentleman, Jake asked if she is ok? Jessica kissed him, said, yes make love to me. He stood up, aligned their bodies, gently pushed his cock inside her, she was intact, so he tore her hymen, one tear escaped her eye, jessica told him to keep going, she wants him so badly! He didn't like causing his love pain, but he knew she was ready. Jake began thrusting his cock in and out, longer strokes, kissing her forehead, cheeks, mouth so tenderly! Jessica moaned, wrapped her legs around his torso, bringing him deeper inside her pussy, seconds later Jessica came! Shouting, yes yes, oh God Yessss! Jake came too, shooting his cum into her sex!!! Jake held his love, told her he loves her, she's his best friend. Before jessica could say anything back, Jake's dad walked in, seeing them naked, he said, nevermind, you're busy, walked out. In the book, Jake is Matt, jessica is Katie.

As the book goes on, Jessica reads how materialistic, Katie has become, how little she and matt make love. Starting to put things together, she skips to the end of the book, reading a poem that her husband Jake wrote, gave her on their honeymoon. Jessica left work early, went home to her husband. She cried, she knew she'd been distant, selfish. From now on, things would be different!

Jessica can't have kids. That's the reason she's been so unhappy, distant, frigid. She's heartbroken she can't conceive, sex was just a reminder that she's barren. Of course she still loves Jake. She feels terrible he had to write a book to make her see how much Jake is hurting! Jessica pulled into their garage, ran inside, crying out for Jake! Finding him in his office, with tears streaming down her face, she said, I'm so sorry baby! Please forgive me! They embraced, kissed, jessica took Jake's hand, took him to bed! Kissing the whole time, stripped naked, 69, then Jake's beautiful wife, straddled him, bounced up and down on his cock, Jake kissed, sucked on Jessica's perfect 38C tits, sending her over the edge, she came hard, which made Jake shoot his white hot cum deep inside his wife's pussy!

After they woke up, showered, jessica asked what Jake thought about fostering and adoption? He hugged her, said, yes! Let's do it!

They jumped through all the hoops, red tape, costs and finally on May 3, they brought Jonathon Matthew Thomas into their home. It took longer than expected bc Jessica gave birth to a healthy baby girl they named, Addison Nicole on April 12th!

Jake still writes books, they have kids to send to college!

The End


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