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Burning Embers

Jake Preston is a Project Manager at Wells Fargo. He's 41, 6'1, blonde hair, blue eyes, Mario Lopez dimples, great body. He's married, but his wife, Jessica has changed, all she cares about is money, status. She's always shopping, she doesn't want to have sex anymore. Jake is a good man, he'd never cheat on Jessica. When he was in highschool he wanted to be a writer. Since his wife wasn't interested in sex, he decided to write romance/love stories. Jake didn't want to use his real name, so he created Pauline Black. He wrote a novel about a couple that fell in love, grew apart, came back together over and over again! Jake got his assistant to proofread, give feedback on the story. Beth gave great advice on how to improve his book. It was finally finished! He sent it to all the publishing companies, there was a bidding war! By the end, he was $100K richer! Jake didn't tell Jessica, he wanted to win her heart back. If he didn't at least try, he'd regret it forever.

Jake sent a copy of his book to Jessica's book club members, anonymously of course. Everyone, including Jessica loved his book, Burning Embers. Jake went to Talia's, Jessica's best friends house to talk to her husband, Greg. They play golf together, so Jake stopping by to get advice on a new putter isn't out of the ordinary. He overheard all the ladies gushing over the first 5 chapters. Jessica hadn't put it together yet, but she would by the end of the book. Throughout the story Jake put in Easter eggs, hints that only his wife will understand.


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