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Buying Boxers on the First Date

I've never been a fan of online dating, but I keep myself open to the romantic possibility nonetheless. just hoping that someday I might find someone special. Without much active effort, a brilliant seductress found her way into my online world. Despite all of my effort to not grow an attachment to her, she skillfully pulled me into her web. After much teasing and torment, she finally invited me to meet her in New York City. It was a perfect meeting place, a metropolitan hub lying equidistant between our respective locations.

I couldn't believe that she finally offered me a date. She had toyed with my feelings and insecurities so relentlessly that I was already in the process of convincing myself that she wasn't worth the heartache. She was worth the heartache, and she knew it. I just didn't have any input in the pace of the relationship or if or when she would give me attention, and that buildup over a matter of months was quite painful, to say the least.

We both took trains into the city, and we met at Grand Central Station. She was dressed caually and elegantly, tight black jeans with a long black coat, and red lips. I wore my favorite jeans and converse sneakers, and I told her that she could identify me by my multicolored knit hat with the homemade pom pom. She found that amusing, and of course did not hesitate to mock me for this fashion choice. We finally stood face to face, and I felt like I had known her for such a long time.

Early in our date, she asked me about my underwear preferences. I told her that I wear men's boxer briefs often, but most are different brands from over the years, a trophy collection of sorts. She asked what kind I like to buy for myself. I told her that when I buy my own, I like the Calvin Klein style that are really tight with a huge dick pouch. I told her that I like my ass to look cute and my dick to look huge. She did not laugh at this joke. She simply looked me up and down and told me that she was going to incinerate my dick.

Her straight face made me want to retract my joke, but she had already moved past it. She told me that she wanted to take me to nordstom's to buy a new favorite pair of boxer briefs. She told me that she wanted to own the first pair that she was going to make me soak through. I swallowed hard as she hailed a cab, trying to hide the fact that I was already soaked through my current pair.

We made it to the department store and went to the men's underwear section. I picked out a pair that was exactly my style, and she nodded and told me that they suit me. She told me to go try them on, just in case. I walked into the small dressing room. She was right behind me, and as soon as I passed the threshold, she pulled the curtain shut behind us. She kept her eyes fixated on me as I removed my pants and already damp panties. She thought it was cute that I was wearing lace panties for our date, laughing at me for even pretending to be a lady.

I picked up the new pair, and just as I was about to try them on, she grabbed me by the throat and threw me against the wall. Her fingers wandered to my dripping cunt, and she smiled when she found how wet I already was. She slipped her fingers inside me, her palm pressing on my clit, and she tightened her grip on my throat. I could barely gasp for air as she told me that she wanted me to give her a good strong orgasm right there in the fitting room.

She loosened her girp on my throat so I could get enough air, and I started moaning loudly. We heard the fitting room attendent walk past, and we saw her clunky work shoes halt outside our dressing room. As the kind clerk asked if everything was ok, my date roughly covered my mouth and responded for the both of us. She thanked her and said that we were doing just fine. Once the attendent passed, my date kept her hand over my mouth. She softly reminded me to shut the fuck up and behave myself. She told me to give her my cum and stay quiet. My face twisted in a silent scream, and I came for her so hard right there in the nordstrom's fitting room.

After I came, she took her hand off my mouth, and she licked her fingers. After tasting me she smiled and said, "Oh sweet girl, looks like you don't need new underwear to soil yourself for me after all." Then she picked up my new favorite boxers and exited the dressing room. She told me to pull myself togehter, and that she would be waiting for me at the register.


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