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She started panting so fast i got afraid.she kept pulling my hips into her with all the might she had. Keep it deep you tiny little prick she screamed even in the fully wasted state that she was in. Cecelia kept on demanding for more till martin collapsed into her 40 year old plump body with a beer belly. Oh thats a lot of fluid for a 20 year old guy she said standing up. She farted as she bend over to pick up her pants. Oh,look what beer does to a beauty like me she said laughing out of embarrassment. That smells very odd aunty said martin,trying to breath some fresh air. Aunty? You just emptied your sack inside me boy and you call me aunty? Cecelia seemed angry. Oh sorry aun.. I mean cecelia.. But that really stinks said martin. Oh i am 40,married and have to kids,do you think someone cares if i fart or even do worse she laughed and got ready to leave. Martin still nude and confused stood looking at her wonderful body. He just nailed his childhood dream,his mothers sister. Dress up and drop me at my home before your parents get here kid. They dont want to see you like that or me drunk like this she said and laughed.
Get ready i will be back in a minute, let me empty my bladders by that time she said and sprinted to the bathroom. Martin knew cecelua was out of her senses since she had forgot to wear her panties and was peeing in the bathtub instead of the toilet. Aunty,i think you need to sleep now. You can go tommorow said martin. Dude i have seen worse and if you dont drop me i will leave by myself said cecelia.okay atleast put your panties on and then we'll start said martin handing over the panty to her. She started walking towards the car as martin followed. Her ass was perfect and huge. He kept staring at it while she tried to stick herself into the car. He closed the door and entered the driver seat as she let out another loud stink fart. Aunty, thats not cool said martin. Oh for hell sake get me to my home you prick and let me tell you one more thing out of your grannys 2 daughters i am the one who farts less.hope i am making myself clear she said and laughed till she passed out.
Martin dropped her at her home and tucked her into bed he emptied his sack on her panty again before he left.





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