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Challenge excepted Sir.

Have you ever been on a 5 hour high before??... I can now officially say that I have,  thanks to  my Sir.

He challenged me today. Wanting a 5 part series...

RULES: every hour on the hour for 5 hours stop what your doing and write a mini story about how he would fuck me. Right there. On the spot.

THE RESULTS: 5 pretty amazing memories, 7 orgasms (what are legs again...) and a pleased (I'm pretty sure) Sir later..

Here's the series.


1.) Sitting in the recliner, watching my show.  You pull me up roughly, sitting down bringing. me back down, on your cock. I scream out as you plunge into me.  Wasting no time. You reach around  to my front and distroy my clit as I climax you explode up into me. Rolling me off leaving me a puddly mess.


2.) "Pussycat... what are you doing?...."

Humm nothing Sir.


Here now.

I obey ice cream still in hand. I'm at your Side in seconds.

You stand and rip my pajama shorts off. Pushing me on to the kitchen table you take the ice cream and put it on my clit and shove the cone in my mouth.

"nothing huh... don't scream"

You plunge your mouth down spreading the cream with mine as you start fucking me.  Fingers and tongue. It's quick. I cum as I wrap my legs around your shoulders.

"Nothing me again and your ass will be red."

Melting to the floor I whimper.  Yes. Sir.


3.) Cuddling on the couch watching movies my head in your lap you suddenly lift me up unzipping your pants you grab the back of my head and put me there center on your cock. You push my head down.  Quickly using my mouth as a cum doll. Fucking it brutally my mouth and face a mess from the juices. I feel you swell as you slam my head down and keep me there. Releasing your seed. I cough it Down. Sputtering as I do. You slide me off and resume watching the movie. As I'm stuck with a sticky slippery face for the remainder of said movie.


4.) The mirror is steamed over the curtain trembling from our bodies moaning coming from the shower as you have me baked yup against the wall one leg up wrapped around your hip as you thrust up into me grunting a hand possessively on my neck the other holding onto my leg.  I rock into you. Screaming out your name.  As you bite my bottom lip I squeel feeling your cock consume every inch of my pussy then combust. Lowering both of us to the shower floor as I come down from my space.


5.) Fuckkking fuck fuck Siiirrrr please take it out! Pleeeaassseee. I beg as you smile that big bright smile from the driver seat.  Driving with one hand vibe Control in the other. 

"Stop fighting it. Welcome it pussycat feel the warmth."

I obey.  Trusting him completely.  I do what he says and let go, fully. As he full blasts the vibrator I fall over the edge again and again and again. Totally prepared to crash and burn. He's there too catch me as I come up from my puddle.  Which is ever so evident in the leather seat.

I feel him lean over and kiss my hair. Smiling.

"My good little pussycat....."


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