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chat with granny

Lovely sat in silence as she heard her granny explained everything that might happen to her after her marriage. Mary, her 63 yr old grandmother was an old but fit, bold and beaitiful woman. Her skin had lost its freshness but she had the figure that any guy would want in a woman. Her 34C sized bosoms and 38 inch buttocks must have given guys sleepless nights. Lovely kept listening to her in shock when she told her about anal sex. She practicaly clinched her ass cheeks after hearing what mary said. Lovely said" nothing is going up that place,never. Mary gave her a smile and said thats what i also used to think dear. But i lost my anal virginity the day i met my first husband. 8 years we were together and i dont remember a day that i was not fucked in my ass. Lovely nodded her head.she was feeling aroused,she had an intrest in women too. Her friends used to tease her because of her heavy boobs and large bum. She never had a boyfriend or any sexual relationship. She was under the spell of her granny who took care of her after her parents seperated.
Can i just see your butt granny, if you dont mind becuase i want to know what happens if i put something in my anus said lovely. Mary laughed and said that's not required honey, but if you want to see i will and i will check yours too.just to know how much you will scream haha. Mary turned around lifted up her skirt and pulled down her red panties. She kneeled on the sofa and said take a good look and this is the mosition you will be in when your guy does it to you. Can you just separate it granny, its too large and stuck together said lovely. Mary bend down with her head on d sofa pushing her ass up in tge air. She pulled her cheeks apart. Lovely saw a huge pussy and a butt hole which was used in all ways possible. Her anus was sucking in air. She moved closer to look at it when a huge wet fart hit her face. She was shocked and ended up falling face first into marys butt. Lovely felt humiliated. She just sniffed and kissed a fart. The smell still lingered in tge room. Ohh so sorry kid, my holes are not in a Condition to hold in farts till i find a good place to fart Said Mary. Lovely has heard her granny fart many times in the toilet, bedroom and even while watching TV. She knew they were loud and nose burning but she took it as an old age problem. Lovely herself used to fart while taking a dump or while peeing. She still remembered how she was teased by her friend when she farted in the highschool ladies restroom. Oh my god grandma that was much worse than what you did in your sleep last night..she said. Lovely had took of her trousers and thongs by now and was standing near mary covering her vagina. Mary said " i know what you are thinking honey, if you are sure then go for it, i see a lot of myself in you. Even the mole on our left asscheek matches"Lovely moved closer and kissed Mary's asshole. Mary could not control herself and she let out a long hissing fart into lovely's mouth. She ate it and kept kissing her butt. Oh granny its hot she said. Both the women were drenching wet between thier legs. You are rraly clean for a 60yr old granny, why do u even bother waxing your areas asked mary who had a bush growing on her. I am single dear, and not every guy knows my age and women fall for my ass just like you did said mary. Okay now its my turn she stood up looked at her grand daughter's sexy body. She was hairy and stood with her head down. Turn around hon let me see how hard it will be. Mary had to search for a while to find her asshole. She looked at it closely and said " thats gonna hurt for a month" she put her fat finger into her butt without warning. Lovely screamed in pain and she farted on marys finger. Mary laughed and said. You l enjoy your nights kid, he puts it in and if you fart like tgat it will be a fart fest in your room. But i cannot control it gramma, i fart a lot all my friends tease me in school when i go to the restroom.. They call me the loo sire lovely said with sadness. Dont worry honey, its in your genes. Both me and your dad's mother, that evil lady fart. She clears the room when she farts. Skinny bitch. All your aunties fart more than thier husbands. Your mom was the worse farter amoung my 4 daughters. She had no control and her boyfriend,your dad had given her a open anus by the time she was 20. You are more like me, even i farted when my boyfriend did it for the first time. Lovely was listening silently while her fingers were searching someting between her leg. " " . . .
, .


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