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Cigarettes and Orgasms to start the day!

I wander outside wearing only your shirt that barely covers my ass and wiggle down into your lap while you have your cigarette. I can tell I’m in the way and so move to sit across from you. I look you straight in the eyes as I settle down into the chair, putting my legs up to rest one on either side of you, and placing my hand between my legs.

“Don’t you dare! Move your hand away from your pussy now” you order as I try to maintain some modesty, with a cheeky grin.

I do as I’m told, glancing around the yard to make sure the neighbours can’t see anything. I try to close my knees but leave my legs up, you grab them and roughly spread them.

“Keep them open” you growl at me. I look you straight in the eye, the intensity and desire overpowering.

“Play with yourself” you instruct to me. I do as I’m told but again look around nervously, making sure the neighbours can’t see as I can hear them going about their morning routines. You smirk as you see how wet I am, covering the chair underneath me with the unmistakable glisten of my arousal. You lean forward and slide your fingers inside me, I let a loud moan escape my mouth and then bite my lip to try and stop anymore sounds. You begin to fuck me hard with your fingers, and I can’t help but thrust back onto them, my eyes closed, covering my mouth with my free hand so the neighbours won’t hear.

“That’s it, I want you to come for me” your voice husky with desire for your prize. You begin to fuck me harder and faster with your fingers, I blush as I hear how wet I am. I can’t contain my sounds any longer, my moans getting louder and more frequent as I get closer to edge. All thoughts of being discovered by the neighbours gone.

“Please, may I cum” I whisper.

“I can’t hear you” you smirk at me, I know full well you heard what I said.

“Please, may I cum?” I ask louder and desperately.

“Yes, cum for me” you growl.

I let go and feel the release as wave after wave crash through my body, my juices slicking my thighs and dripping down onto the patio chair as my hips buck on your fingers.

“Good girl” you say with a smile as I open my eyes. I look at you in disbelief. I can’t believe you have made me do that, with so little effort. You lean forward and whisper in my ear, as your hand traces up my thigh.

“I think you like that I push you out of your comfort zone, and make you do naughty things like orgasm outside where the neighbours might see” your words laced with the underlying promise that there is only more to come.


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