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Clever ways to use household items


The Asian MILF had just returned to her apartment after a long, hard day at work. All she wanted to do was to take a nice leisurely shower and then relax.

Right after she got inside the apartment, she went straight to the bedroom, stripped off her nice pristine white blouse, pencil black skirt, black lace bra, matching black bikini and went into the bathroom. She turned on the water until the temperature was nice and right, and then hopped into the shower.

The Asian MILF began to wash her small 32 b breasts with the raisin like nipples and her shaved pussy using a washcloth full of sweet smelling Coconut Oil Soap.

While she was in the shower, she began to sing some of the favorite oldies songs she loved so much.

Unbeknownst to her, a masked burglar got in through the front door which she forgot to lock in her hurry to get into the shower. He closed the door, walked into the bedroom and then got inside the closet and waited.

Meanwhile, the Asian MILF continued to soap her body and sing. After a few more minutes, she rinsed off her lithe, petite body, turned off the water and then toweled herself off.

Once she was dry, she left the towel in the bathroom and walked over to the closet to put on one of her sexy, see-through nighties.

As she opened the closet, the masked burglar jumped out, forcibly grabbed her, spun her around and then clamped a hand over her mouth.

“If you want to live, don’t make a sound.”

The Asian MILF nodded her head.

“Very good”, said the masked burglar while still holding his hand over her petite mouth.

“I am not going to hurt you”, he said. “ I just am going to take your jewelry and money.” “However, I need to tie you up first.”

“Frankly, I did not expect you to be home, so I did not bring anything with me to use to tie you up with.” “Let’s both see what you have here that I can use.”

“Please put on the gown, so at least when we look around you won’t feel awkward.”

The Asian MILF put on the gown, and then with the masked burglar still holding his hand over her mouth, forced her to walk in front of him as he searched for household items. The Masked burglar found a large roll of Gray Gorilla Strength Duct Tape, and two clothespins in the laundry area inside the apartment. He put those in his pocket.

He then, still holding the Asian MILF forced her to walk back into the bedroom and found an electric toothbrush.

“These will do nicely”, he said.

“Sorry, but I need to make sure you can’t interfere with my work”, he said.

“Please walk over to the bed, take off the gown, and lie face down on your stomach on the bed with your hands behind your back.”

The Asian MILF took off the gown, and did as the masked burglar had said.

The masked burglar took out the roll of Gorilla Strength Duct Tape and wrapped it several times around her wrists.

“Roll over onto your back.”

Once the Asian MILF had rolled over onto her back, she looked up at him with pleading eyes and said, “ I did what you asked, please don’t hurt me.”

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said.

She continued to try and plead with him.

“Enough”, he said. “I told you to be quiet, but you didn’t listen.”

“I guess I will have to gag you.”

With that, the masked burglar lifted up her head and proceeded to wrap several layers of tape around her mouth.

Then, he also wrapped tape around her pretty brown eyes.

Then, using the household items he had found, he first pulled out the two wood clothespins and placed one on each of her raisin-size nipples.

Then, he took the electric toothbrush, placed the brush head into her pussy, taped it in and then plugged it in to the nearby electrical socket. He then turned the toothbrush on so the head and bristles would begin to vibrate inside her pussy.

“Time to leave”, he said. “Have fun”.


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