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Close your eyes

As I pass her room, I notice her laying on the bed asleep. I can't help but look at her nipples poking through her tank top shirt. As my cock began to spring to life, I enter her room. I begin to walk towards her and the wooden floor freaks, startling her. She turns towards me, with a smile and asks, what do you want? I simply smile and begin to kiss her neck, while fondling her breasts. She immediately begins to wrap her arms around me and embraces me. After a few moments, I tell her to close her eyes. She asks why, and I simply say, just do it. She obeys, and closes her eyes. I then ace a blind fold over her eyes and place hand cuffs on her hands. Then I cuff her hands to the headboard. Then I begin to rip her cloths off. She wiggled her hips in excitement for what may happen next. I begin to suckle her breasts and play with her pussy and clit. As I nibble on her breasts, she wimpers in joy. Then i gho down and begin to lick her pussy with deep long licks, ocashionally licking her ass as well. Then I take my throbbing stiff cock and enter into her warm wet pussy. Shallow thrusts, then a deep hard thrust. As she is enjoying this, I reach over and take the cand me off the table. I begin to pour hot wax onto her breasts. She screams in surprise, then you as she feels the pain, then the pleasure. As she is enjoying this, I pull my stiff cock out and tell her I need her to take my cock d own her throat. She willingly opens her mouth and I slide it deep down her throat. She gags a little, the I pull out for her to catch her breath. I continue this for a bit, until I get close to cumming. I then pull out and uncuff her. Then I have her ride my cock. I lay down and she straddles my cock. She let's it s lide deep into her, as she groans in pleasure. As she rides my cock, I thrust hard and deep into her until she cum hard and screams out loud in ecstasy. Then I flip her over and lube up my cock for the final assault. I lube her ass, and then slide it deep I to her ass. She gasps in pain and pleasure for a moment. After a few thrusts, she begins to enjoy me deep inside her. I grab her hips and thrust hard as my balls smack her ass. I begin to pull her hair and thrust harder as I get really close to cumming. One final thrust and then I deposit my load deep inside her ass. I moan in pleasure as I convolse in pleasure. I pull out of her ass And roll over on my back. She immediately curls up to me and we lay there and both relax, before taking a shower to clean ourselves up.


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