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Closing Time

Sara Wilkinson’s Saturday evening shift at a small privately owned post office was usually pretty quiet. She went about doing her work, so she could relax the rest of her shift. There are only a few other people who work with her, but on Saturdays she closes alone.

One Saturday evening started off like any other. As Sara was locking the door at closing time, a masked man pushed his way in and knocked her out of the way. He locked the door behind him, and she quickly backed away from him and made her way to the back door. When Sara opened the back door, two more masked men pushed their way into the building. One of the men grabbed her roughly by the hair and tilted her head back and hissed into her ear:

“Scream and we will kill you. Go and finish closing as you normally do, so nothing seems suspicious. Don’t try anything funny, or you will be sorry. Do you understand?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes Sir.”

“That’s better, now lets go bitch.”

He led Sara up to a spot where he could stay out of sight, but he could keep his eye on her to make sure she didn’t call the cops. Sara stood there trembling not sure what would happen to her. As Sara counted out her cash register, all she wanted was to see and feel her Master’s arms around her again. His image filled her mind and she could hear his voice in her head.

As Sara was out front with the other man, the other two men were in the back office clearing off the desk. One man pulled out handcuffs, rope, a ring gag, paddle, nipple clamps, butt plug, dildos, and vibrators out of a duffle bag they brought with them, and put the items on a table.

“Do you think Sara will enjoy this?”

“Well it is one of her fantasies to have masked men come in and use her and torture her. I have made sure that she really wanted this fantasy to come to life a year ago. I’m sure she has forgotten that she’s told me this one.”

“Well I hope she does enjoy this for your sake John.”

“I’m sure she will Ken. I wonder if I can keep quiet through the whole thing until I throw her in the back of the van to take her home and hold her tight.”

“Do you want me to gag you?”

“Very funny and no. I have more self-control than you and Mike think. You two remember the rules you agreed to and I’ll be fine.”

“We will John. Lets the four of us enjoy this.”

John and Ken moved the desk to the center of the office and attached rope to all the four legs. As they finished up, John went out front and spied on Mike and Sara. He couldn’t help but smile since she was playing her part well. He made his way back to the office and gave Ken a thumb’s up.

As Sara was closing and counting out the till, she was trying to think of a way out of this mess. She was hopping that someone wouldn’t find her nude body in a ditch one day. She felt a hand run up the inside of her leg, and she automatically closed her legs. She then felt a slap on her calf muscle.

“Spread your legs bitch.”

She spread her legs a little bit and she felt a harder slap on her leg, so she spreaded her legs a little more.

“Don’t push your luck bitch since you won’t like the consequences. Now spread your legs slut.”

Sara sighed and the submissive in her took over and she reluctantly obeyed, even though it went against everything in her being. She felt his finger run further up her leg and she suddenly felt his finger run up and down her slit. He couldn’t help but smile.

“No panties I see slut.”

Mike started rubbing her clit as she began squirming against his finger.

“Mmmm suck a horny bitch you are. Hurry up and you will be rewarded.”

Sara finished counting the till and walked towards the safe and locked it. He pushed her against the safe and she felt his hand squeeze her right breast through her blouse. She felt him searching for her nipple and heard him whisper in her ear.

“No panties or bra, you truly are a slut and making my job easy.”

Sara felt him tugging at the buttons on her blouse. She raised her hands and started helping him unbutton her blouse. Mike smiled and kissed her neck and listened to her soft moan. He reached into her blouse and found her right nipple and started pulling and twisting her nipple. She arched her back and pushed against him. He squeezed Sara’s small breasts while pulling on her nipples. She wiggled against him and felt the buldge in his pants and pushed her ass against it.

“Your nipples are nice and hard. Turn around so I can taste them.”

Sara turned around and closed her eyes thinking she couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She felt his tongue run across her nipple and he started biting her nipple. She moaned and squirmed as she felt a finger under her skirt rubbing her clit. She grinded against his finger.

“That’s it slut show me how needy you are. I love a horny bitch who can’t get enough.”

She heard him walk away and felt another set of hands unbuttoning the rest of her blouse. She felt her nipples being pulled and pinched and then she felt a sharp pain shoot through her left nipple. Sara took a deep breath and saw the nipple clamp attached to her left nipple. Ken did the same thing to her right nipple. He tugged on the chain and listened to her groan. He pulled down on the chain and Sara knelt without thinking about it. He put his finger under her chin and tilted her head up so that she was looking up at him. She saw the smile on his face.

“Someone trained you well girl and now I get the pleasure of enjoying it. Take my cock out and show me how good of a cock sucker you are.”

Sara with trembling fingers undid his pants and worked his cock out of his boxers. She slowly licked the head of his cock letting herself get used to his taste. He pushed his cock into her mouth and she slowly started sucking his cock and rolling her tongue around his soft cock. He couldn’t help but moan as she felt her soft mouth working its magic on his cock. She started sucking and pushing his cock in and out of her mouth while picking up speed each time. She teased his cock with her mouth and tongue and licked the slit with the tip of her tongue.

As soon as his cock started to get hard, he pulled his cock from her mouth, while she licked her lips.

“Such a good cock sucker you are. We will enjoy using your mouth a lot more before the night is through. Now crawl on your hands and knees into the office.”

Sara crawled on her hands and knees on the cold tile floor, and with each movement she felt the pull of the nipple clamps on her poor nipples. She could also feel their eyes on her ass, so she started to rotate her hips more and giving them a show. When she entered the office, she felt a hand run through her hair. She was helped to her feet and she watched as her blouse was removed and watched as it dropped to the floor. Her first instinct was to cover her breast, but she had her hands slapped away. Sara then felt her skirt being removed and a probing finger in her slit. One grabbed something off the table behind her.

“Open wide cock sucker.”

Sara opened her mouth and felt a ring gag being inserted into her mouth. She tried to push it out as it was being secured.

“There now your mouth is open for us to use anyway we want to.”


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