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Come lie down with me

It was late, after midnight, but you saw my light was still on. I couldn't sleep, and I had been crying a bit. You peeked your head in through the door, and I could see that you'd been crying too. I asked you what was wrong. You didn't want to tell me, but I already knew why. I wiped my eyes and asked if you would come lie down with me. You said no.

I asked you again. I told you that I needed to feel you close to me. You walked over and took your side of the bed and told me to put my head on your chest. I curled up in your arms, and I felt so safe. I love feeling you hold onto me tight, and a warmth took hold of my entire body.

I put my leg across your lap and rolled my body onto you. We parted our lips and shared a deep kiss. By instinct, my hips started grinding into you. You lifted your thigh and pressed into me. I moaned out loud and broke the kiss.

You rolled me onto my back and pulled off my boxers. I tried to stop you. I told you that we didn't need to have sex. I just wanted you to hold me. You told me to shut up and ran your fingers down my body. Your fingers wandered down between my thighs, and you smiled.

You started rubbing, and my head fall back on my pillow. My knees locked and my whole body shook. I gripped the sheets, and within minutes, you made me cum for you.

You didn't want me to stop. I told you that I didn't think I could give you another, and you told me you didn't care. You wanted one more. I wanted to give you everything you wanted, so I came for you again.





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