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Country Livin'

Grandma kept sucking my cock, she could deep throat, Wow! I couldn't believe this was happening! I took off her dress, I wanted to suck on her nipples, lick her pussy! Even at her age, she shaves her pussy! Damn! I hope I can get an erection at 85! She stopped sucking, told me to eat her pussy and ass! I did as I was told! I knew she'd spank me if I didn't! I felt her thrust my cock deep inside her, begin to to ride me. Grandma moaned, started to shake, came hard!!! I shot my cum in her pussy, I came so much, it dribbled out of her cunt! Exhausted as I am Bobby, your grandfather and dad will be home for dinner soon. Go take a shower and finish your chores. Grandma walked around with my cum the rest of the evening! I knew better than to tell anyone, I hoped she'd fuck me more from now on.

A few hours after I went to bed, I woke up to noises down the hall in my grandparents room. I crept closer, hoped the floor wouldn't squeak, as I peaked through the cracked doorway I saw grandpa eating grandma's pussy! He's cuckold! Shit! The floor creaked! Go to bed Bobby! We'll deal w you in the morning!

Bobby Jameson get up and get your ass to the barn! Oh shit! I'm gonna get the belt! I'm up! Ok, I'm going, I'm sorry! Opening the barn door, I heard the horses whinny, grandpa came in, he didn't have to say a word, he pulled my overalls down, spanked me hard, then belted my bare ass! He said, no more spying Bobby! Now get going on your chores! After I did my chores, I went to the creek to cool off. My ass is burning! Wading in the cool water felt really good!

Hey, I'm Bobby, how's your ass from the other day?! The girl introduced herself as Alli. She said, you show me yours and I'll show you mine! I stepped onto a rock, exposing my naked body to Alli. She stripped, showing me her red ass! My cock is leaking, Ali's nipples are hard, it's clear we're about to fuck! I picked her up, threw Alli in the deep end of the creek! I jumped in after her, kissing her hungrily! She's straddling me, I shoved my cock in her tight cunt, fucked her hard! Alli came quicker than she ever has since she started fucking! Alli knows she's fertile now, as soon as she gets pregnant she'll be able to marry Bobby!

A few weeks later Alli knows she's pregnant. Waiting at the creek for Bobby, a man pulls up in a beat up pick up truck, got out, said bobbys sick, he can't fuck today. The man is bobbys daddy, Frank. Alli didn't even bother to cover up her naked body. Pregnancy hormones raging, Alli laid back on her blanket, spread her legs, exposing her sex to Frank. He unbuckled his pants, took off his boots, pulled off his jeans, sunk his 8 inch cock deep in Alli's cunthole! They fucked like rabbits!!!! Alli couldn't get enough of his cock! Frank knows what that means, Alli is pregnant! Frank asked when she's due? Alli said 7 months, plz don't tell Bobby, I want to tell him. Frank agreed to keep quiet.

A few days later back at the creek, after they made love, Alli sat up, said, Bobby, I love you, I'm pregnant. Bobby reached into his pocket, pulled out a ring, asked Alli to marry him. Bobby knew what was going on in her mind, took her hands, told her he's loved her since he saw her getting spanked in her barn. Crying, Alli accepted his proposal!

Bobby got a job in the city, they moved, but he was miserable! Bobby loves country livin, so after their son, Lucas was born, they moved back, there's nothing like country livin'!


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