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I have had dreams about you for quite a while. I have often wondered if you felt the same way. Seeing you brought back a flood of emotions, that I didn't know I still had. I know I have no right, but thinking of your past, knowing you had been with someone else makes me jealous.

I know from our talks late at night, and random text messages over the past few days that you had a crush on me. I know you want more. What I wouldn’t give to gaze into your deep, bright eyes for hours, twist my fingers thru your tossled hair. I have often dreamt of falling asleep in your strong arms. I have found it easy to talk to you. Which is weird. I don’t open up to people. But with you, I tend to lose control and tell you everything.

And right now I want to lose control so badly. I want to be the girl of your dreams. I want you to know all my deepest desires. To want me. To lust after only me. To have so much passion stirring inside you that even the though of touching me makes you hard. I want you to fall on your knees and worship me, and then tie me to the bed, and spank me. But more than any of that, I want you to love me!

And then it happened.

When you touch me, i cant breath I melt under your affection. Your fingers twirling my hair makes me feel like a teenager. Your kisses, soft and tender on my neck make me feel like a Greek goddess. Then you slowly glide your hands down my body to my breast. You take your time, admiring me like a piece of artwork. My breath quickens. You smile, I blush. You slip a finger inside my bra and pull it off my breast displaying my nipple. Quickly your mouth finds it, and sucks it like an exquisite dessert. I bite my lower lip and let out a moan. You continue your assault on my body. Kissing my stomach, and hips. I reach for you, placing one hand on your shoulder, the other hand in your hair, pulling it so you are looking at me. You quickly straddle me. I can feel your hardening cock pressing into me. You take my arms, raise them above my head, and kiss me passionately. Your tongue in my mouth makes me long for your cock. I beg for a taste. You smile sweetly... Ignoring my plead you pull away. I squirm and reach for you. You grab my hands and raise them above my head again placing them on the head board. This time you bend over and wisper in my ear "dont let go, or I may have to punish you"


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