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Cuckold Couple - Meeting Him

I had been chatting with husband and wife for a few weeks online, and it was finally time to meet. I had decided to meet the husband first since I had been told he was a submissive little slut, but had never really been with a dominate man.

I knew it would be fun to break him in and humiliate him first, then fuck both of them together later. His wife and I had arranged the meeting and I was to take a couple pictures of him to send to her.

She was working tonight and He knew to expect me some time after 6:00. Before she had left for work she was to make him put on a pair of her panties, and have him eat her out. Then he was to wait for me without getting dressed or cleaning up for maximum embarrassment.

I arrived, rang the doorbell and waited. I didn't have to wait very long however as it was quickly answered by an embarrassed looking 35 year old man, wearing nothing but a pair of pink lace panties.

He quickly tried to usher me inside, but I stood at the door for a little bit enjoying watching him squirm. I could tell he was worried someone would see him from the street.

I finally entered the house, and allowed him to close the door behind me, he mumbled hello, and I could tell he was clearly a bit uncomfortable as well as horny. His little 3.5" dick could be seen standing at attention behind his panties.

"Get on your knees slut." I told him gruffly.

He sank to his knees and looked up at me waiting for my next command.

I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into my manhood, rubbing his face in the front of my jeans.

He started to reach up and I swatted his hands away.

"Keep your hands behind your back slut." I commanded him.

His wife had told me she had him suck her strap on regularly, so I was eager to see how good of a little cocksucker he could be.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my thick 8" dick out and began to slap his cheeks with it.

He opened his mouth for me, and I quickly slid the end of my shaft in his mouth.

I felt his tongue start to swirl around the tip of my dick and I could tell this was definitely not his first time with a real cock in his mouth, the little whore.

I began to guide his head towards me and he quickly began to gag as my dick started to hit the back of his mouth.

I pulled back a bit, the slid forwards again, repeating the steps for a few minutes until he was ready to take most of me in his throat.

"Get up slut." I barked at him, and shoved him back towards the master bedroom.

He meekly guided me to the bed, and then started to ask me "What now?"

"Shut the fuck up, bitch. You will speak when I tell you to. Now I want to see you shake your little whore ass and do a sexy little dance for me." I told him.

I slipped my pants off and leaned back on the bed. He started to awkwardly dance around the room turning new shades of red as his embarrassment grew.

"What you aren't embarrassed to have a dick in your mouth, but shaking your ass bothers you?" I asked. "Alright. You can stop shaking you little tight ass, and get over here and start licking my balls."

He climbed on the end of the bed and started licking my balls. Sucking and fondling while occasionally looking up at me to see my reaction to his work.

I stroked my hard dick, enjoying myself as he worked tirelessly on my balls.

"Good work you little whore, you make an excellent cocksucker. I think this could be a full time job for you." I laughed as I said it. "Now bring me one of your wife's big dildos, I think it's time to stretch your pretty little ass out."

His wife and I had discussed his desire to be fucked by a real man. she told me she had fucked him a few times, but he always ended up complaining about how much it hurt. This time he wasn't going to have that choice, his ass was mine.

He slowly got up and started went to his wife's chest of drawers, and pulled out a small dildo.

"I said a big dildo bitch." I yelled at him.

He quickly put the dildo back and grabbed a much larger one. He looked scared as be brought it over to me.

"Face down ass up, on the bed quickly." I told him.

He scrambled to get in position and I noticed a big wet spot on his panties. The little slut was dripping pre-cum all over his panties.

I slapped his ass roughly a couple times, listening to him whimper with each strike. I then pulled the panties to the side and started to rub the tip of the dildo in his ass crack.

I grabbed a bottle of lube of the side table and drizzled some on his ass, still teasing his ass with the big dildo. After I was happy he was lubed up enough, I slowly started to push the dildo into his tight little asshole.

He started to move his hands to push me away which resulted in me slapping his ass, HARD.

"You can use your hands to hold your ass open slut, and nothing else." I commanded.

He held his ass wide open for me, and I continued to push with the dildo until the tip popped inside his super tight hole.

He instantly started whining and squirming, crying for me to go easy on him.

"Don't worry whore, I know you can take this." I said. "Your little ass is begging to be ****d."

I began a slow rhythm, pushing the dildo in a little then pulling almost all the way out. Each stroke getting just a little deeper in his ass until the dildo was almost half way in.

"Look slut, your ass was born for this." I told him "I think it's time to switch things up a bit."


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