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Daddy Wolf

Drayvven enjoyed the sight below him. He had positioned himself on a hill overlooking the city and what a breathtaking view it was. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out one of hiss favorite cigars.

The night sounds were all around him as he patiently waited for his fox, normally he was the one late but tonight was a turn in roles as he was first to arrive. Carefully using his hole punch he plunged a small home in his cigar then lit it takking a few strong drags from it.

His eyesight better then any human observed their trek along the city streets and he grinned. If only they knew of the powerful wolf overlooking them and their feeble exsentince.

The wind pick up a bit rustling through the trees, galloping across the blades of grass and then he caught her scent. Placing the cigar back into his mouth he pretended to not notice as the sweet smells of lavender and vanilla wafted into his nose.

He could feel her hiding behind a tree ever quiet and yet her scent betrayed her. He could sense her heartbeat, strong and powerful with a slight tinge of quickness. He smiled again as he sent out a bit of his energy to envelop her just so she knew he knew she was here.

IT had been some months since they had last seen each other but nothing could quell the fire of desire between them. He knew his energy would send a tingle down to her core and cause her softly moan while biting her beautiful bottom lip.

He felt her send back her essence which hit him like a wave, his eyes closing in ecstasy, as he Inhaled. "Hello Daddy Wolf," she whispered in his ear.

Opening his eyes, he was instantly absorbed by her piercing green eyes, ones which reflected off of the fiery dark brown orbs of his own. He knew her face like his own but she was as transfixed by how much he had changed and yet hadn't. The slight smirk on her lips, the playfulness in her eyes, and yet the seriousness of her jaw.

"Hello Princess Fox," Drayvven murmured trying to keep the lust and desire out of his voice as he breached the space between them. Grabbing her around the waist pulling her aganist his hard length like he had done the first night they had laid eyes on each other.

"It appears Daddy Wolf has missed me." Drayvven answered by stealing a kiss from her lips, his lingering on hers after so long apart.

When he finally lifted hisips from her, the scared girl was gone and in her place a wanton woman who had been without her lover for far to long. She curled her arms around his neck, pressing her lips back aganist his, demanding more as her body warmed with that lustful heat at the thought of what was going to happen. It was fate. Inevitable.

Drayvven wasted no time in dipping his strong, warm, hands beneath her shirt and roaming across her skin sending what felt like a vibration to her. A hum that begins and ends at his fingertips on her skin. His claws grazed her breasts causing her to bite her lower lip.

The brightness of the blood moon shone over their bodies as they continued to explore each other. The skin on her chest tingled as it healed from where his claws had dug in. Gone was the hesitiance; foreplay was thrown out the window as he cupped her backside, lifting her onto his wasit.

She felt as though she was going to expire on the spot as the blood in her system instinctively rushed to the spot between her legs, her eyes widening and a smile crossing her lips as she felt the bulge beneath his jeans pressing aganist her.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, she moaned into his mouth as he bit her bottom lip causing it to bleed slightly. That sent her into fox immedtally her eyes turning black as her fangs shot out and she growled at her wolf, her protector, her lover. He took the incentive and moved them deeper into the woods, tonight she was his and only his.

Groswls, soft and rough, precious, and powerful were coming from between his lips as he pushed her aganist a tree, her hissing at the force he pressed her back, the bark shredding from the tree.

At this point she had given over to her Fox her scent filled the air and her own claws extended and she raked them across his back as he grunted aganist her. Neither of them were much about foreplay tonight as they ripped each others clothes to shreds, trying to get to each other. Their hunger far to great.

Untangling herself from around his body, she peeled the remains of her destroyed clothes to the ground. Stepping out of her heels she heard him growl low. "Leave the heels on."

Once back in her left heel, in one swift move, he had gripped her by the thighs, pressed her back aganist the tree, and entered her to the hilt; her scream was caught in her throat as her mouth opened in shock at his entrance. Her muscles quivering to accommodate his girth.

Throwing her head back she howled loudly at the swiftness of his invasion, hooking her ankles around his back, her heels digging into his skin, even as she clawed at the bark behind her head as he began to thrust inside of her.

She gritted her teeth, eyes closing aganist the ecstasy she was experiencing as he pulled out slowly, making her feel every inch, every vien and bulge before plunging back inside of her, holding her back aganist the tree until it was groaning from their actions.

The fox fully to The surface was growling and bareing her teeth at the Wolf as he growled back. He was hitting every G-spot possible with every move he made, the bark falling over them as she kept trying to find something to hold onto aganist the onslaught.

Her soul was on fire, there was a tightening in her abdomen and Drayvven felt so large inside of her. It felt like she was going to be torn in two and yet she only wanted to give all her essence to him and spread her legs wide.

His breath was warm on her neck as he breathed aganist her neck across her skin, his fangs grazing her skin as she her threw her head back and stared up at the beautiful blood moon as he took her higher and higher.

She doubted she was going to last much longer after the time spent apart. Squeezing her thighs she gripped onto his member tighter until he let out a surprised gasp of pleasure.

His hand moved from her thigh and pushing her hair aside exposed her to him as he continued his relentless pounding of her poor little pussy. At this point she was to far gone to be able to speak coherent words but her moans of pleasure whenever he seemed to drive deeper then he had been before was enough to spur him on.

Swooping forward he clamped his fangs around one of her sweet pink nipples, making her purr in pain and pleasure even as the blood trickled down the underside of her breasts and down her abdomen mingngling where they were joined. The cool night air doing nothing to consume the fire that raging inside her soul.

Drayvven showed no restraint nor mercy as he sucked her to a earth shattering climax, the sweet Fox feeling her wolf world convulse around her and she let go of her beautiful release. Drayvven wasn't far behind her, gnawing on her breasts in a maddening Frenzy, but he was nowhere close to the end as he withdrew from her. His cock glistening in the blood moons light from her juices, still harder then ever.

He dropped her to her feet and quickly turned her around till her back was to his chest and she could feel the heat between them, his heartbeat rising with even more desire. Gripping her hips, he roughly parted her legs wide enough for him to step between them And entered her womanhood.

The beautiful Fox's mouth opened at the sheer tortue he was inflicting up her now sore pussy. From this angle he felt even larger then ever before. Her full breasts swingging as he slapped her on the ass his large hand cupping her cheek with each strike, giving her multiple orgasms whilst taking her to heights new still.

Her breath was coming in fast and hard as he draped his chest over her back and offered his wrist for her to bite into and drink from. Taking the offering, she sank her fangs into his wrist even as he sank his fangs into her neck drinking her life force, his hips still thrusting aganist her while how other hand joined at where they met and he pressed his thumb aganist her swollen clit making her squirt all around him as she screamed his name to the heavens.

"MY sweet Princess Fox," he gasped as he released her neck, and taking the hint she released his wrist and then she heard this ferocious growl as she felt him grow even thicker inside of her and then give her all of his seed.

Her blood drizzled down her neck when he released her and she loved how it ran between her breasts as she felt him slowly return to his human form and pull out of her.

"I love you, Daddy Wolf."


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