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Day dream at work

I am so wet thinking of you daddy.

I am imaging you bending me over the sink inspecting my pussy and ass. You spit on my ass hole and shove a large plug deep inside me. Then for a few moments you fuck my hole with the plug. You feel how wet my pussy is then Spank me whike forcing me to count out loud. While you tell me how much I disappoint you, and how i am just a dirty whore.

Then you grab my hair and stand me up. Pressed against the wall. Your hand around my throat as I try to stand still.

You play with both nipples. Teasing them. Flicking them. Then you begin to smack them. Harder and harder till I am crying in pain. Once they are red and swollen you put tight nipple clamps on them.

Again you grab me by the hair.

Knees, is all you say.

I beg. I don't want to kneel on the dirty bathroom floor.

You pull the clamps hard and squeeze my throat.

"I said knees, baby girl!"

"Yes, daddy!"

I drop to my knees and look up at you.

You brush the hair out of my face. You take out your cock and present it to me.

I ask before touching it. And quickly take it in my mouth. Just the tip at first. Swirling it around in my mouth. Then slowly inch my in I take all your cock. It reaches the back of my throat. I try to pull away. But your hand finds the back of my head and keeps me still. You pump your hips back and forth while I gag. Drool is running down my neck. My eyes are watering and I am gasping for air.

You pull your cock out. And cum all over my face and tits. I lick you cock clean.

"Dont get dressed little one. And don't clean up. Some of my friends will be along soon to play with my whore!" You laugh and cuff me to the bathroom stall.


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