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Dear Mr.S.

Dear Mr. S.

Fuck. Again...

I have been thinking of you. I have to get this out of my head and typed out. Maybe, just maybe, if I do. I will stop fantasizing of you...

When I first met you, I instantly thought of you in a very sexual way. You looked rugged, and rough. Full of life, and cocky as hell. As the last few months have gone by... the more I see you, the more I think about what you would do to me.

The first day dream I remember having of you was a few days after we met...

Here is what won't stop...

I was at your home. I was standing outside your front door. You opened it, and greeted me with a hi and invited me inside.

Timid and shy, I blushed at that first touch. I craved more.

You towered over me. And shut the door. My heart raced.

"Touch me, touch me, touch me!" With each beat my head screamed silently. As if you could hear me, you took a step forward reaching forward like you were going to kiss me... but instead of those lips smothering mine you began chatting with me about my day. I swear you were doing this to drive me crazy.

A few minutes later I tried to make a pathetic excuse for leaving. You wrapped your hand around my waist and pulled me close.

"Do you really HAVE to go?" You asked pressing your body firm against my own.

"I guess I could stay for a few minutes."

"Baby, what I want to do to you will take hours."

You lead me by the hand to the couch.

I took off my shirt and pants and stood before you in just a black lace bra and lace panties.

Fuck that smile... it's going to be the death of me...

You sat down and pulled me on to your lap.

That first kiss. I have thought about it often. Continuing to wonder if I will ever get to for real. And will it be as sensual as in my dreams .

You touched me. Kissed me, carresed every part of my nearly naked body... handleing me with just the right lustful passion as I melted into you.

Wet and wanting you could feel me grinding myself against your already growing erection.

(Seriously... I would love to see it someday. Because the image in my head... it is deadly)

That however is for another dream... this one was all about me...

You picked me up... Damn so stong and sat me down. Pulling my legs apart firmly. I tired to close them. But you are much stronger than I. You laughed at my attempt and slowly rubbed the growing wet spot between my widened legs.

Nibbling at my thighs sending shivers across my flesh. Your long fingers found use seekingwarmth from within my panties. After a while. You tore them off. Apparently they were in the way of your mission. Your tongue found it's way to my clit... seconds... minutes hours... the dream changes depending on my mood... but the end is always the Same.

With your fingers so deep within me. Your mouth nibbling. Your tongue exploring. I cum. In crashing waves... i am exhausted and spent...

You begin again...

Fuck Dear S. You haunt me. Ruin me.

I wonder if you notice the bitten lip, the flushed cheeks, let's hope you never met azarialeigh... or we will both be fucked...

❤ azzy


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