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Demon fuck

The first sound I hear, the one that brings me out of sleep, is his voice behind me.


I am going to be devoured. The sound is deep and resonates out of his huge demon's body and into my body and I know he will consume me in his way.

He slides two arms around my waist from behind, then down. His hands grasp the insides of my thighs and pull my legs open. My swollen pussy heats instantly and I sigh audibly, barely awake caught in a carnal dream made partly of last night, my body challenged in every way, and this ache to be fucked again.

One of his huge hands effortlessly  catches my wrists together and this third arm pulls my arms up above my head.

"Good morning," he rumbles in a sinister way. I do not expect this morning to be "good" at all, in the typical sense anyway.

One of his hands between my legs clamps severely over my clit, two more muscular arms wrap around me, one hand catching both breasts, squeezing and raking my nipples, the other hand cupping my chin and pulling my head firmly back against his shoulder.

I am pinned open against his hot flesh my back arched dramatically. His hard hot cock is resting against my pussy.

I am squirming in all five of the arms holding me, grinding my clit agaist his hand, sliding my labia along the solid shaft between my legs.

He chuckles, taking obvious pleasure in my wanton state.

"You sexy little bitch, " he growls, and with one sly push from his hand his cock head pushes against my opening.

He's huge by any human standard and though I'm wet, he is working his cock into me a little at a time. He pushes his thumb into my mouth.

"Suck," he commands. And I do, greedily, taking his thumb into my mouth, down my throat, pleasuring his digit like I need to suck his cock.

With a low growl he pushes deep into me, working inside me relentlessly. The sweat is beading on my body and my eyes roll back in my head a fierce orgasm seizing my body. My own cum flows, then sprays out of me, splashing against his legs, my thighs. I swear I hear it sizzle on our skin. Then I am soft and compliant in his arms again.

"Ah, my easy little slut!" I am deftly pushed up, straddling him. I can see myself in the mirror at the foot of the bed, head tipped back with one of his hands gripping my hair. My arms are now pinned behind me pushing my breasts out, nipples hard and dark against my white skin. And over my shoulder, meeting my eyes in the mirror, his dark eyes, his lovely mouth, his white teeth smiling at the sight.

"Now fuck!" A hand on each hip guides my body, a volley of loud hard slaps on my ass shakes the remnants of sleep from my brain, floods my heart with desire. My muscles find power and my legs move me, meeting his pistoning cock fucking my cunt. I'm going to cum again, I feel it building inside me. A quick slap against my clit seals the deal and I buck and spray. His grip on me grows more intense and he starts cumming and pumping into me, over and over. I feel the hot thick jizz fill me and squeeze out and fill me some more.

"Ahhh," he growls, "what a cum whore you are! Next time your ass is mine!"

And he's gone. So strange. Like he evaporated or maybe just slid out of my brain. I feel freezing cold except for the burning hot jizz running out of me, down over my asshole and on to the bed. I am gasping, panting, spread open on my back across the bed.

The bedroom door clicks open. Matt is there, two cups of coffee. He looks down at me. "Welll, you look like you're awake." He grins, taking in my body, spread and used, my eyes blinking, trying to clear my head.

"I guess you don't need this," he teases, putting one cup on the nightstand and sipping from the other.

With one hand he reaches down and grabs my ankle flipping me over onto my stomach.

"Up," he commands. It is automatic. I struggle to raise my ass.

And he is behind me on the bed, spreading my legs wide with his knees, unbuckling his belt with one hand and pulling me up by my hip with the other.


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