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Dinner Date

Once, just once, I met a woman that I found on a kinky website. I was browsing through some lesbian personal ads, one caught my eye, and it wasn't until I clicked on her profile that I saw she was from Boston. We exchanged a few messages, and after agreeing that we wanted to establish an outside connection, we exchanged information. My chance encounter upon a month-old personal ad turned into a very kinky seduction.

She is tall and beautiful, and a commanding and powerful domme. Over time, we established a dynamic heavily involving a BDSM power exchange. She was a sadistic domme for whom I made a perfect counterpart. Once we had established mutual understanding and trust, we eliminated safe words. She had complete control over me, and even from the day that we met, she had me kneeling at her feet and begging to touch her. One night, I invited her over to my place to hang out, order takeout and hopefully some play.

She told me she would arrive by 8pm, and I asked if there was anything she wanted me to do in preparation. She instructed me set to out a table of items for her use, each item labeled and ordered according to my least and strongest preference. The display included a leather belt, wooden spoon, several scarves, my strapon, vibrator, and she had me put my largest knife in the freezer. Once she arrived, I would have no say in what she used.

She arrived at 7pm and let herself in. She knew my back door is usually unlocked, and I didn’t hear her enter. I was actually in the shower at the time. She just sat quietly at my dining table, legs crossed patiently, sitting on a wooden ladder back chair. I literally screamed when I walked out of the bathroom. I frighten very easily, but this she knew and simply chuckled as I regained my composure. She allowed me to finish toweling off while she watched. I was totally naked and surprised. I wasn’t expecting her for another hour. I was just relieved to have remembered to arrange her items before my shower. She stood up and walked towards me while I fumbled with my towel. Once she approached me, her eyes told me to toss it on the floor. I stood naked and shivering and her eyes lit up. She grabbed me by the throat and pinned me to the wall, her full weight pressing on me. She pressed hard enough to cut off my airway, all while rubbing my clit until her fingers were glistening. She wiped her fingers on the side of my neck, and told me to sit down.

I was still naked and a bit damp, and once sitting, she told me to bend all the way forward with my hands behind my back. She used one scarf to tie my hands together and tightly to the bottom rung of the back of the chair. Another scarf bound my ankles, which she skillfully connected to the other scarf. I couldn’t move at all, and if I tried to lean forward I would risk breaking my face on the floor. In a folded position, hands and ankles holding me to the chair, she started to laugh while she walked circles around me tracing her fingers on my back. Then she left to get the leather belt along with one more scarf. She came back in the room, and I didn’t even have words, just silent terror. I just looked at her helplessly, knowing there was nothing I could do. She walked over, told me to open my mouth, I did, and she stuffed it with the scarf to gag me. She tied it tight and reminded me not to disturb the neighbors.

I was already whimpering, and then she snapped the belt. She lashed me repeatedly, deriving sadistic glee from each welt. I was out of breath from the pain, and though she gave me breaks, they were always brief. I couldn’t stop panting, my screams muffled by the scarf. I was in so much pain, but she kept checking my pussy as it was becoming soaked. I looked at her like I wanted her to stop, but she just laughed and called me her pain slut. The whips with the belt continued until I was on the verge of tears. Then she squatted down to get face to face, looked in my eyes, and told me I'd had enough. She then sucked and bit my neck, slid her hand between my legs and rubbed my swollen clit. She gave me an orgasm in under one minute. She untied my hands from the other scarf and the back of the chair, so I was able to sit up. She left the gag in my mouth, and went to get the pre-chilled knife from the freezer. It was kind of a twisted aftercare. The icy blade on my welts felt so relieving, but I was simultaneously terrified as she teased me with the blade. She loved watching my fear and panic, and she reminded me to sit still and be careful, because the knife was very sharp.

Finally she untied me and let me put on some clothes. We ordered some takeout, got a little drunk, and ended up in bed. I was whimpering in a lot of pain, but I finally fell asleep. Once I was sleeping, she decided to put on my purple strapon. I felt the blankets shift when she got back into bed, and I brushed against her as I rolled over. She suddenly pinned me to the bed, kissing and sucking hard on my neck. She kept kissing and teasing my nipples, and I was squirming and moaning, speechless yet again. She said that she could see me dripping, and I begged her to touch me.

She put her fingers inside me and told me she loved feeling me clench so tightly. Her fingers were coated, and she forced them into my mouth and told me to suck them while she entered me with the strapon. She put my legs over her shoulders, her hips thrusting into me while my eyes rolled back in my head. My body eventually went limp from exhaustion, and she continued fucking me. I began to show signs of some struggle, which she found amusing because I am so easily overpowered. Eventually she pulled out and gave me a moment to catch my breath, but just a moment. I started to sit up and she pushed back on my chest and kept her hand there to hold me down. I was still dripping, and she started to rub my clit. Within seconds, I was begging to cum. She gave me permission. Then she wouldn't stop. I was already soaked and so sensitive, and I literally begged her to stop. She just laughed and said no. I even tried to pull her hand away and she wouldn't move. I didn't know what to do with myself, she wouldn't stop and I didn't stop cumming.

After hours of torment, I lay curled up and whimpering, nearly crying from multiple orgasms. She curled up next to me, put an arm around me, and right before we fell asleep, she kissed me on the lips.


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