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Don't upset your tormentor


Rebecca had just returned home after a stressful day at work where she had been harassed by her boss. She was not in a good mood, and was angry at what happened that day.

Just as she entered her house, a burglar pushed her inside, causing her to fall on the floor. As she got up, she turned to face the burglar who was pointing a shiny silver revolver at her.

“What do you think you are doing here in my house”, Rebecca said. “Get Out”.

“I don’t think so”, the burglar said. “You are in no position to be demanding anything.” “Remember, I have the gun”.

“Now”, the burglar said “Let’s go to the bedroom”.

Rebecca was forced to walk to her bedroom with the burglar holding the gun pointed at her back.

When Rebecca walked in the bedroom, the burglar said to her “STRIP!”

“Look”, Rebecca said, “I had a lousy day at work, and I am in no mood for some silly game.”

“STRIP”, the burglar said again in a forceful voice and waving the gun at Rebecca.

“Okay, Okay,” Rebecca said. “Please put the gun down. “You are scaring me.”

“Stop talking and “STRIP”.

Rebecca began to take off her clothes- first her jacket, then her scarf, then her purple blouse and matching skirt, and then her purple bra, matching purple string bikini and then her black stockings until she was standing nude in front of the burglar.

“Now what?”, Rebecca said.

“Lie down on the bed face up, and don’t move.”

Rebecca climbed up on the bed and lay down on her back, face up, and with her cute petite Asian body, small breasts and pussy exposed to the burglar’s sight.

The burglar then pulled out several zip ties. “Turn on your side and put your hands behind your back”. The burglar then took two zip ties and used them to secure Rebecca’s wrists tightly together.

“Roll over onto your back with your hands under your butt”.

After Rebecca rolled back over so her hands were under her butt, the burglar took two more zip ties and used them to secure her small ankles together.

“Now what, mister tough guy”, Rebecca said in a mocking tone. “What are you going to do now?”

“SHUT UP!”, the burglar said. “I’m tired of hearing your voice.”


“No”, Rebecca said.

“Open it, NOW”, the burglar said as she pointed the gun at Rebecca’s face.

“Okay, Okay”, Rebecca said. “Put the gun down.”

Rebecca opened her mouth and the burglar proceeded to gag her using her purple panty, matching purple bra and then wrapping the two scarves over her mouth to keep the gag inside.

The burglar then went to her drawers, removed three more pairs of her stockings, came back to where she was tied and gagged, lifted her head and then wrapped the three stockings around her eyes.

“Since you wanted to be so defiant, I guess I will teach you a lesson.”

The burglar took two clothespins he found and placed one on each of her sensitive nipples. As he applied each one, Rebecca let out a muffled grunt.

Then, the burglar took two pieces of cut ginger he had found in the refrigerator and pushed one into her pussy and the other into her small puckered hole. Again, as each piece of ginger was pushed in, Rebecca let out another grunt.

Finally, the burglar took two vibrators he found in her drawers and pushed one into her pussy and the other into her small rectum, secured both vibrators in using duct tape, and then turned them on.

“Too bad you had to be so defiant and uncooperative”, the burglar said. “Now you will suffer the consequences.”

Rebecca was left naked, bound, gagged, sightless, screaming through her gag and writhing and squirming on her bed due to the two clothespins pinching her sensitive nipples, the ginger stuffed into her pussy and puckered hole, and the two vibrators humming away, one in each hole.


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