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Drinks, Doorways and Debonaire Doms

He opens the door and before I can say hello, his hand is wrapped around my throat and I’m pushed against the wall, the door snapping shut in the process. His mouth is on mine, hot, wet and kissing me with an intensity that lets me know he wants to taste all of me. His hand snakes up under my skirt, no underwear as he likes and his fingers are plunging into my already wet pussy, moans escaping from both of our lips. My breath is fast and heart racing as he kisses and nibbles down my neck, biting along my collar bone, my eyes closed in the pleasure of it all. He pulls his fingers from my pussy and pushes them in my mouth, making me taste my arousal, and returning to kissing me deeply, a taste of what’s to come.

He pulls back and my shyness takes over, I look at the floor and murmur hello, not daring myself to look up.

I follow him to the kitchen and he fixes me a drink. He comes behind me and raises my skirt, caressing my ass under his hands, he spanks me lightly, I’m blushing now, wishing I’d worn panties anyway, embarrassed at having my body exposed in the bright lighting. I suggest we go have our drinks, I sit down opposite him and cross my legs “Uncross your legs and feet flat on the floor miss” I’m told. I look at him slightly unimpressed but secretly enjoying the being told how to do such a simple thing, thank god he can’t see my pussy because it would give me away in a heartbeat!

He gets up, and stands behind me, stroking my hair, causing me to relax but have my senses alight at the same time. His hands caress down my body and under my shirt, pulling my nipple out, he leans down and takes it in his mouth, causing my back to arch as I lean into the sensation, feeling him run his tongue around and over my nipple, pulling my nipple ring around gently. He repeats the process on my other nipple and I lean back, feeling his hard cock pressing into my shoulder. He pulls back and goes back to stroking my hair, and I begin to wonder how something that’s so relaxing for me is making me feel so aroused, he takes my hand and places it on his cock straining through his pants “See what you have done to me?” He says, and I recall how that cock feels filling me up. “Mmmhmmm” is my shy reply and I go to fix another drink, anticipating what the rest of the night will have in store.


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