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Eating your own cum - My technique and tips

It has been many years that i have been interested in tasting/eating my own cum,
Surprisingly, eating my own cum was much more complex than I though it would be.
During this time, I read many posts/recommendation/suggestion/tips and finally i came up with a way that work great for me.
In this short post, i wanted to share with you what work and not less important - what did not work for me, hopefully - this information would help you as much as it help me.

Lets start with what did NOT work for me:
Cumming directly in your mouth:
While this might seem as the most obvious choice, that the worst option i ever tried. When i did it, I immediately regret and got strong feeling of disgust.
Cum after orgasm into a some container and drink immediately after:
I cannot even count how many times I masturbate to an orgasm , keep the cum in some kind of container (glass/cup/container, etc..) with the hope that afte it the passion to drink cum will remain and drink it.
Unfortunately, each and every time the urge to drink cum gone after getting to an orgasm.

Some approach that I tried but i would NOT recommend is to cum into container, freeze it and drink it later.
The reason i don't recommend this approach is that after you unfreeze it, the texture is lost and the taste is different.

So what did work for me? Below are good guideline which help me greatly, i define those as rules:
Rule #1: Cum without getting to orgasm
This is easier to say then done! Yet - I promise you this is doable and much simpler than you think.
The way i do that is by not cumming for at least three days. Then masturbate with a good movie that help you get into the mood, (my favorite are shemale masturbating and tasting their own cum such as bailey jay JOI videos), when you start getting the feeling you are close to cum stop!, be patient, do that for several times, after couple of times, when you are getting close to an orgasm, then stop masturbating and very gently stroke your pin. if you don't get pre-cum at that time, , then stop , relax for few seconds, and repeat this process. - when you are start feeling orgasm is soon to cum - stroke your cock, finally - you start pre-cumming without real cum (see Rule#2 where to put the pre-cum on). then relax for a minutes, then repeat that, be patient! - that is the key to success!, repeat process, on second time you would ejaculate mix of cum and precum, the third time - it would be cum only.

Rule #2: Where to cum
Even after you get your cum in "Rule #1", even though you did not get into full orgasm - I would not recommend to eat the cum directly as taste might be to 'new' / strong for you.
Instead I prefer to cum on some sweet food, that can be slice of break with honey on it, or cupcake (that would turn into cumcake :) ) .

Usually - after i precum on my food, I take a bite of it while keep masturbating, then cum for second time (the mixed of pre-cum with cum), take more bites, usualy the thrid time is the reall thick cum.

This is it.
I hope that this post will help you and would work for you as much as it work for me.
Good luck and bonapetite ;-)


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