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Everything has changed! Part 1

To my friends, here in Fet, it comes as no secret that I love sucking a nice, hard cock as much as I enjoy licking a nice wet pussy, either before, during, or after it's full of hot, sticky cum! Well, it seems that it came as surprise to my wife when I accidentally left my laptop open to my Fet profile and she found what interested me, along with my writings. So after a return from a business trip, late on a Thursday evening, I was shocked and very embarrassed to find one on my profile pictures printed and out and boldly displayed on the stairs as a walked into the entry way. The picture was of a woman stranding a guy and riding his cock. She was facing his feet, legs spread and she was pointing to her pus. There, between her legs, was a guy and bout lick her as the big cock stretched her open. One of my favorite fantasies and now, now long a secret! All of the lights were off except from those upstairs dimly coming from our bedroom. I slowly assented the stairs trying to imagine how I was going to explain myself. Once I got to the open bedroom door, I saw my wife in bed, covered up around her neck. It also seemed obvious that someone else was in bed with her and under the covers. I was now more shocked then ever, yet also highly arroused. She smiled and blushed.

"Say nothing" she casually stated. "Remove all of your clothes where you stand and let's talk."

I was in shock yet began to remove my clothes as my eyes never left her's. I wondered who was under the covers with her! Once I was totally naked, she smiled more.

"Look how hard you are!" She added. "I guess that confirms everything to me! So, you'd. Enjoy cleaning me up after I've been with someone else?"

"um...." I didn't quite to know how to confess, with out sounding overly excited, yet I was so turned on! "uh, yes, .. I would".

"You do know that someone is under these covers and I've recently cum, as a result." She added.

"Really?" I tried in vane to act surprised.

"Yes, Really!" She responded. "You also need to know that as of this, right now, nothing will ever be as it was. Do you understand?"

"Ah, yes... I think so" I replied

With that, the covers suddenly pulled away and not only revealed my naked wife, but her lover as well! It was a woman who I knew to be my wife's friend! She smiled up at me.

"Come closer" the woman said. "I want I you to see what I can do to your wife that you cannot! But don't even THINK about touching yourself! Do you understand?"

"Yes" I stuttered. "Yes, of course..."


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