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Everything has changed - part 10

The relationship between my wife and her Mistress continued. Sometimes I was included, either to watch, be humiliated or provide clean-up, or sometimes I was excluded and they enjoyed their privacy. My wife shared very few details with me, but would add that if her Mistress was feeling sensual, she did not want me there the see the intimate passion between them both. So, it seemed, I was only included for rough, humiliating, sometimes degrading sex between my wife and her very experienced and Domme Mistress.

On many of those such occasions, my wife's Mistress would inflict a great deal of pain on my wife. That was very difficult to watch and they both knew it. I would often beg her to stop abusing my wife's body and even offer to take said pain so as to spare my wife. I often wondered if that was the intent all along... That they both knew that I would offer myself to save my wife.

On one such occasion, my wife was bound spread-eagle, on her back. Her Mistress was sitting on her face, facing her feet and as my wife ate her Mistress' pussy, her Mistress was slapping, very hard mind you, slapping the tender underside of my wife's breasts. I could see my wife flinch with each slap and actually Yelp up into her Mistress' pussy. Her Mistress would then lean forward and slap, with her open hand, my wife's spread and splayed pussy as she continued to lick her. Same reaction from my wife.... Yelping and grunting with each slap on her open vulva! I just couldn't take anymore, so I begged to trade places with my wife. Her Mistress got a devilish look in her eye, untied my wife and they both tied me down.

"Oh sweetie" my wife whispered in my ear. "The difference between you and I is that I love the pain. You think that you're protecting me yet you're really denying me what I truly want... and I promise you that you're not going to enjoy this at all!"

I was gagged and then slapped, flogged, whipped and cropped until I literally cried. Once it was obvious that I couldn't take anymore, I was untied and my wife took her place back where she was and her torture continued. In the end, I only delayed her satisfaction and caused myself a great deal of pain.


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