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Everything has changed - part 11

My wife's Mistress would assign many tasks to my wife during the days and weeks that followed. Some would require my help (very humiliating), like staging her naked and bound in our bedroom for Mistress' arrival, others would be things that my wife needed to complete on her own. On one particular occasion, I arrived home to see my wife online and asked how here day was going. She seemed concerned.

"I've been tasked with finding a much younger girl to bring home, seduce into bed and then be "caught" by my Mistress." My wife shared. "I have no idea how young and where to begin. I only have one chance to get this right and I can't blow-it."

"Your Mistress didn't give you an age range?" I asked sympathetically.

"No" she responded "But I do know that she seems to eye the ones who look very young whenever we're out shopping."

"Then that's where you should begin your search" I added "In the mall. Just do be very careful about the details. We don't need any legal issues."

She reached for my penis and then added.

"You're so good to me, but why are you not naked? You know the rues once you're inside of the house."

I stood and striped.

"Now" she continued, "Bend over the table like a good boy."

I did as I was told and she reached between my legs for my hanging balls and penis and slowly stroked me. As my erection began to grow she continued.

"You'd LOVE to see me in bed with a young, sexy girl, wouldn't you? One who was so smooth and wet and tight... We both know how you love a tight twat!"

I was now rock hard as she slipped a finger, then two, into my anal opening.

"Maybe I'd let you lick her" she added. "Would you like that?" As she began a slow finger-fuck to mirror the pumping of my penis.

"Oh my God, YES!" A blurted out.

"Would you enjoy cumming all over her young tits?" She asked

"YES!" I hissed out

"Do yo want to cum now?" She questioned

"Of course I would." I responded

"There on your knees and lick me, as you stoke yourself." She ordered. "Then you may cum"

I quickly stood, turned around and dropped to the floor. My wife removed her soaked panties and lifted one leg onto the chair and I zeroed in on her very wet folds.

"That's it, my obedient hubby" she taunted. "Imagine licking a young, horny twat and cum for me."

As she inserted a third finger into my rectum, I thrusted forward and sprayed my cum all over the floor. I was still spasming as she quickly removed her fingers and turned to leave the room.

"Do be a good boy and lick up your mess. I'm going to the mall to go shopping for something new."


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