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Everything has changed - part 12

Later that same afternoon, I got a text from my wife that simply read: "Score! Headed home - make sure that the bed is made and then leave immediately and don't come home till I say."

Fortunately, the bed was made up so all that I needed to do was pull on some clothes. I was getting my keys when a text came across my phone from my wife's Mistress! It was also a simple text: "You have a chore. A neighbor needs your service. Go now to 12345 (and the rest of the address)."

Confused and not sure if it was really intended for me, I figured that I'd better go and be wrong than to question the simple instructions. I got in my car and drove the three blocks to the address provided. I immediately recognized my Wife's Mistress' car in the driveway and went up tot the door. As I walked up, the door flew open and there stood my Wife's Mistress with a big grin.

"Right on time" she said with a smile. "Strip, and head down the hall - last door on the right." She then passed me on the front stoop and headed for her car.

I cautiously stripped and then headed down the hallway. As I entered the doorway, I saw a woman in bed with the covers up around her neck. I didn't recognize her, even though she lived only a few blocks away, yet she smiled as though she knew me.

"Hello" she said with a smile. "I'm told that can provide a rather unique service for me."

With that, she threw back the covers to reveal her naked body. She was a bit older than my wife and a bit heavier yet she had a sexy glow about her. As I stood there taking her in, she slow,y opened her thighs to reveal a rather red and swollen vulva.

"Hungry?" She asked. "Why don't you kneel between my legs and have a nice taste. NOW!"

I felt a bit strange as this type of situation had never been discussed, yet I did understand that I might be "lent-out" on occasion. I just had thought that my wife would be present. I knelt on the bed and lowered myself down to her warm center. As I got closer, she opened up more and I saw it! The unmistakable early drippings of a very fresh Creampie! She smiled as soon as she had confirmation that I knew what was about to happen.

"Yes" she said "That's why you're here..... Well, that and perhaps more, depending on how well you do. Now, be a good boy and clean me up."

I lowered my mouth and took that first long lick. Yep, semen! Lots of semen! I began licking and slurping and she settled back and began to take it all in... Enjoying my ministrations. She then began to tell me all abut her earlier encounter.

"MMMMM" she moaned. "This is the perfect ending to a perfect afternoon! I've never been cleaned like this and I must say.... It's very hot! He took me really hard and fast. Much younger than I'm use too, but Oh My... He was hard and thick."

I kept licking and cleaning her as she continued.

"He came quickly but he stayed hard and came again That's why there's so much in there, I'm sure."

She then took my by the hair and pulled me into her cunt.

"Make me cum" she yelled "make me cum so that I can punch more out to you."

I actually began to suck her gaping hole and that seems to do it. She came and to her credit, pushed a big glob of her young lover's cum deep into my mouth.

"Mmmmm" she added "You're very good at this. Your Mistress said that you were. But she also said that I shouldn't allow you to fuck me. Is that true?"

I stopped long enough to answer her.

"I'm here to do as I'm told" I replied. "Nothing more."

"Oh" she added."you're a submissive good boy. Sit up and show me your cock."

I stopped licking her and did as she asked.

"Mmmm" she said while staring at my penis."you're very big too. Shame to let that go to waste. Would you like to use what's left of his cum as lube to fuck me?"

"Yes" I replied "Very much... Yet I'm not allowed"

"I won't tell if you won't" she added

"If nothing else" I replied "I'm very obedient. Who knows... This could be a test and I never want to disappoint."

"Well, it was a test" she added "and I'm glad to be able to tell your Mistress that you did well. Now keep licking... Clean every drop until I cum again."

I licked and licked and her orgasm build up slowly and then she crested on my face.

"Mmmm" she moaned. "I like this special attention very much. I'd like you to be my regular clean-up toy. Can that be arranged?"

"That is up to Her to decide" I said.

"I see" she added. "And do you suck another guys cock too? Cause I think that he'd like that."

"You have to clear that with Her, but I do as I'm told" I replied.

"Oh" she said "you can bet that I will. Now run me a hot bath before you let yourself out."


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