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Everything has changed - part 13

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, my wife was was home with a young sales associate from one of the chain lingerie shops. Seems that she put this young lady though her paces by trying on many bra/panty sets and modeling them, deciding on different styles and having the associate get more outfits. Each time the associate returned, my wife was naked and waiting. On one occasion, my wife was actually touching herself when the assisted came into the dressing room. My wife presented to be embarrassed when the associate said:

"Oh, don't worry" she said. "Some of these outfits can really get a girl turned on."

My wife used that as an open to proceed.

"And which type of outfit get's your juices running" my wife asked "If you don't mind me asking?"

"Oh," she said with a smile. "Not at all. I like satin shorts and a Demi bra combo."

"Well" my wife added with her own mischievous smile. "Why don't you get me that outfit in my size... And then get a matching one in your size too!"

The associate smiled and trotted off, returning to find my wife naked and seductivly sitting on the bench in the dressing stall. Once the associate was inside the room, my wife continued.

"If it looks good on me" my wife proposed, "I'd love to see it on you.. And naturally, buy it for you, since you've been so helpful."

The associate smiled and helped my wife put the panties and bra on, adjusting as necessary.

"Wow!" Said the associate. "You look amazing!"

"I do, don't I?" Said my wife. "Your turn"

The associate hesitated a bit, then she'd her own clothes to reveal a very sexy, young nubile body, free of imperfection. The associate put on the bra first and my wife moved in the help with the aforementioned adjustments. She then leaned in and kissed the young girl full on the mouth. As she did, my wife let her hands roam down the girls smooth lower back and then caress her naked ass cheeks. The girl then moaned into my wife's mouth. The continued to kiss and my wife described the scent of arrousal filling the changing room. They broke the kiss and my wife turned the girl around to face the mirror and then my wife wrapped her arms around the young girl.

"Look at how beautiful you are." My wife said, as she let her hands fall and trace the young girls bra-covered breasts. She kissed the young girls neck and allowed her hands to fall further, done her ribs, across her flat tummy and the between the cleft on her thighs.

"Oh my God, Honey!" My wife exclaimed. "You are SOAKED!"

The young girl blushed in the reflection and lowered her eyes.

"This may be a very stupid question" my wife asked "but would you like to come home with me.... Now?"

"I, I.... Don't know" the young girl stammered. "I mean I WANT too, but...."

"Then put these new panties on, charge me for both outfits and then come home with me." My wife added.

"Well" the young girl then suddenly turned around, facing my wife, and kissed her on the lips and actually sucked my wife's tongue into her mouth, still standing there bottomless. Once she broke the kiss, she added "I'd love too... And I'll give you my employee discount on the lingerie!"

They both giggled, dressed and left the changing area.


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