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Everything has changed - part 14

Meanwhile, across town, I was running her bath and I heard her on the phone talking to someone. It even sounded a bit serious so I made the decision to stay in the bathroom until either she came in the get in the tub or she called me back into the bedroom. After a few minutes, I heard her call out to me.

"Hey" she yelled. "New plans... Come back into me here."

I turned off the water and joined her in her bedroom.

"I was just on the phone with your Mistress" she stated very mater-of-factly. "By the way, is she your wife?"

"No Ma'am" I responded. "She's actually my wife's Mistress." Blushing as I finished.

"Hmmmm" she added. "Interesting dynamics you have going on there. Anyway, you are going be be staying here for a bit. Go get your phone and stand at the foot of the bed while you wait for a text from her."

She then began texting and giggling, looking up at me every once-in-awhile. Finally my phone jumped to life with a text.

"Congratulations! You are Her's until she sends you home. Naturally, you are to do EVERYTHING that she tells you... Without question. I expect a good report on you after."

"Well?" She asked. "Good news, I presume? Show me your phone."

I walked along side the bed and held out my phone for her to read.

"Mmmmm" she said with a big smile. "And my young stud from earlier is on his way back over. Was playing basketball with his buddies but said that this sounds like more fun! Looks like you may get to taste some of his cum right from the source! Now get back down here and keep my pussy wet and warm until he gets here."


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