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Everything has changed - part 15

Meanwhile, three blocks away, my wife and her new friend, the young Sales associate named Amy, are in my wife's car and headed to our house. Turns out, young Amy has a "thing" for mature women and is eager to be alone with my wife in our home. As they make there way from the garage and into the house, my wife senses Amy's naturally submissive nature and try's to test the waters.

"I'm so glad that you decided to come home with me, Amy" my wife said. "You've had me so turned on all day."

"Me too" Amy replied. "You're very sensual."

"But to be clear" my wife said, smiling. "You do know why you're here with me, right? I mean, I want you and I need to know that you understand why you're here with me." My wife's persona took on a more serious tome. "So, you either need to remove all of your clothes, right now, where you stand, to show me your obedience, OR, If you're not 100% comfortable, I'll take you back to the mall immediately. Decide right now, little Miss Amy."

Amy blushed a little and looked down. My wife giggled her car keys to remind Amy of the second option. With that, Amy pulled off her top and wiggled out of her leggings. Now, she was standing in only her new bra and panties.

My wife went to the drawer in her desk and returned with a single sheet of paper.

"This is a contract, Amy" my wife explained quickly "by which you agree to be here with me, or my assignee, of your own free will and without duress. You also agree to do as you are told, without question and if you do question or hesitate at any request, you will be dismissed immediately and provided with transportation to a local place of your choosing." My wife's paralegal background was very evident. Amy stood there dumbfounded but my wife continued.

"It's to protect us both, Amy" my wife added in an empathetic tone. "The sooner that you sign this, the sooner we can do what we talked about on the way over here." Then offering Amy the pen.

Amy took the pen and scribbled her name on the bottom of the form then handed the pen back to my wife.

"Very good, sweetie" my wife said with a smile. "Now come here and give Mommy a kiss."

Amy smiled and stepped in closer, and leaned up to kiss my wife full on the mouth. As the two kissed and embraced, my wife instructed Amy to take my wife's clothes off. Once they were both in their matching panties and bras, my wife took Amy by the hand and led her upstairs to our bedroom. Once upstairs, my wife turned to Amy.

"When was the last time that you showered?" Asked my wife.

"This morning" responded Amy, "just before work."

"Good" answered my wife. "And the last time that you had sex with a guy?"

"It's been months" answered Amy.

"Perfect" replied my wife. "Now let's get into bed, okay?"

The two embraced, kissed and fondled each other. My wife showed Amy how to orally pleasure her as she seemed to get rougher and rough with Amy. Amy responded well and even enjoyed the touch nipple play, ass spankings and even the choking. My wife felt that Amy had promise. They each had cum several times and were holding each other when suddenly, my wife got a text. It was from her Mistress.

"How is it going? Ready for Me?"

"Of course" my wife typed back. "How do you want her prepared and when?"

"Tied arms overhead to the post at the foot of the bed, gaged and naked. 30 mins."

My wife returned to the bed to join Amy

"Everything okay?" Asked Amy.

"Of course it is" my wife said reassuringly. "Can you stay longer? I want to do so much more with you."

"I'd love to stay" answered Amy, who had no idea what was next for her.

With that, my wife suggested that they shower together. Amy happily agreed where the two washed each other, teased and fingered one another. Once out of the shower and dried off, my wife suggested that Amy experience a little bondage, to which Amy readily agreed. My wife then secured Amy's wrist tougher and took her to the foot of the bed. There my wife ran a line between the two posts at the foot of the bed and then secured Amy's bound wrists him over her head, almost to the point of forcing Amy to her tippy-toes. My wife then took her time teasing Amy and feeling her wetness increase. As May whimpered and moaned more and more, my wife suggested that a gag was needed to "hush" her "whorish sounds" My wife then wrapped a ball-gag around Amy's head and tightened the straps, then gave her nipples a little tweak. She then got two glasses of wine from the kitchen, climbed into bed to wait for her Mistress to arrive.

Amy looked confused at the obvious lack of attention while in her bound-state. My wife heard the front door open and then proceeded to explain.

"Amy?" Asked my wife. "Do you remember the part in the contract that read that you would be here with me, OR MY ASSIGNEE?"

Amy hesitantly nodded.

"Well, in about 30 seconds, you're going to meet my Mistress.... And you will be cheerfully assigned to Her!"

Amy's eyes flew wide open as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs.


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