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Everything has changed - part 16

As my wife's Mistress entered the bedroom, my wife smiled and poor Amy looked horrified! She had no way to cover herself, with her arms extended and secured up over her head, the only thing that she could do was cross her legs. Her eyes were wide open and drool leaked from her mouth. My wife's Mistress smiled and stepped closer, reaching out to gently cup Amy's young cheek.

"Don't worry, you precious little cub" She explained. "You're here to watch and learn... Then we'll see."

With that, she subtly trailed her fingertip down Amy's young body, between her breasts, over her flat tummy and then, while maintaining eye contact, dipped her fingers between Amy's thighs.

"Mmmmm" my wife's Mistress said. "I see that your pretty mouth is not the ONLY part of you that's drooling right now. I want to to cross your index and middle fingers of each hand, NOW!"

Amy did as she was told.

"So here's the deal, sweetie." My wife's Mistress continued. "You are just going to watch today. The only thing that will happen to you is that I will occasionally check your pussy for wetness, just as I did a moment ago, signaling that you're enjoying yourself. Since you're unable to talk, if you ever feel uncomfortable with what you see me doing to this slut over here, OR you don't want me to touch you, all you need to do is spread your fingers on both hands as wide as you can. Do it for me now so that I see that you understand."

With that, Amy opened her crossed fingers and spread her fingers wide.

"Now, cross your fingers again, and it begins now" said My wife's Mistress.

"If you do open your fingers, whatever is happening will stop and you will be untied and told to leave. A pre-paid uber will take you wherever you want to go, but you will NEVER be invited back. If your fingers remain crossed the entire time, even as I check you for arrousal, and you are, in fact arroused by what you see, then you may be invited back for active participation. The intent of you watching us right now, is to whiteness, first hand, what a Mistress will to and how a submissive will endure. Nod if you understand."

Amy was wide-eyed the entire time yet quickly nodded her acceptance. With that, my wife's Mistress, while still maintaining eye contact with Amy, reached down and gripped Amy's smooth vulva in her entire hand and gave it a sqeeeeeze!

"UUUGGGHHHH" escaped around Amy's gag.

"Very good, little cub." expressed my wife's Mistress. "Now watch and learn."

With that, my wife's Mistress moved around the bed, removing her clothing as she did, and climbed into bed with my wife. She ran her fingers through my wife's hair and as she leaned down for a kiss, my wife opening her mouth, her Mistress YANKED her head back by her hair, eliciting a Yelp from my wife. Her Mistress leaned down close to my wife's ear.

"You did very well" hissed her Mistress. "Did you taste her yet?"

"Yes Mistress" responded my wife, "I did"

"And how does she taste?"

"Just as she looks, Mistress" responded my wife. "Sweet, tender and eager."

"And her asshole?"

"I did not sample her there, Mistress" responded my wife. "I didn't want to scare her off."

"Hahaha" laughed my wifes' Mistress. "A bit late for that now, isn't it?"

Meanwhile, Amy was shocked that she was being discussed like she wasn't even there... A literal hanging piece-of-meat. But she also felt very turned on as she was totally objectified by these two older, yet incredibly sexy women.

My wife's Mistress released my wife's hair and told her to roll over on all fours, chest on the bed and "present". My wife did as she was told, offering young Amy a clear, obstructed view of my wife's very open, vulnerable and intimate holes. Amy watched in amazement as my wife's Mistress took a butt plug and lubed it up with my wife's own pussy drool... Then inserted it teasingly into my wife's tight little hole. It was difficult for Amy to hide her reaction as her own droll was now clearly visible between her thighs. My wife's Mistress then told my wife to kneel on the bed, facing Amy and to lock her fingers behind her neck. Once my wife was in that position, my wife's Mistress took a pair or clover-clamps and toy-fully played with my wife's nipples. She then opened the clover-clamp and, while holding my wife's nipple straight out, allowed the clamp to bite into the tender flesh right behind her nipple. This caused a very deliberate YELP to fill the room. The process was repeated on my wife's other nipple, causing the same reaction. My wife's Mistress looked over at the hanging Amy and her excitement was clearly visible: her eyes were wide open, her breathing was very quick, her own nipples were rock-hard, and droll ran from her mouth as well as her center. Yet her fingers were still crossed!

"Oh" said my wife's Mistress. "Seems that you're enjoying this show, aren't you little cub?"

"Mmmhhfff" was all that came out of Amy.

My wife's Mistress then got off of the bed and went to the nightstand, getting her favorite Strap-on. She then told my wife to get on all fours again and once the start-on was secured to my wife's Mistress, she took her place behind my wife.

"You'd both better hang on" instructed my wife's Mistress. "This will be one intense fucking!"

As My wife's Mistress lined up the thick dildo to my wife's very wet center and took her by the hips, she then slammed into my wife, all the way, in one quick thrust!

A scream from my wife was echoed by a much softer, yet deliberate muffled grunt from Amy, as Amy was now witnessing her first Mistress/submissive strap-on fucking.


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