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Everything has changed - part 17

Meanwhile, three blocks away, I was on my knees with my face buried between the thighs of a sexy MILF, who's younger lover from earlier in the day, was on his way over, having been tempted away from a pick-up basketball game. I had been "offered" to this woman and I didn't know if there were any restrictions on what I should or shouldn't do. My only instructions were to do as I'm told. As I licked her to her third orgasm, I was suddenly aware of someone else in the room. I turned to see a young man, perhaps 19, tall, and in great shape. He was peeling off his clothes and seemed very excited.

"Suck his cock hard for me" she demanded.

He was semi hard, yet I could tell that he had a way to go. I moved from between her thighs and on to the floor, she immediately began to play with herself as she barked out orders.

"Yes" she yelled. "suck him hard so that he's ready to fuck me!"

I knelt in front of this young man... Again, no more than 19, yet the body of an Adonis! Where I am in good shape for a man of 40, he impressed me. He seemed only too happy to have me kneel before him. I gently reached up and took his semi-hard cock into my hand and opened my mouth. It's then that I realized that she was feverishly playing with her sloppy pussy.

"Yes" she encouraged. "Show me what you want to do to him"

After licking his length, I engulfed his entire cock into my mouth. I could feel him grow inside of my mouth... My throat. I began to deep-throat him, making the customary slurping sounds. He seemed to get harder and harder.

"That's it" she encouraged. "Suck him hard so he's ready to fuck me!"

He got so hard... Like a wet piece of steel. I had the same girth as he has, but he was definitely about 2 inches longer than me. I gently cupped his very full testicles as I sucked and sucked, actually wanting him to release in my throat.

"Oh my God" she yelled. "That is so fucking hot!"

With that, he pulled out of my mouth and walked in her direction.

"Did he lick you clean?" He asked

"Yes" she answered "just as I texted you"

"So he likes cum?" He asked

"You tell me" she answered with a wink.

With that, he took her by the knees, spread her open and impaled her in one fast thrust, pushing the air out of her lungs as he sunk all the way in.

"Tell hm to lick my balls while I fuck you." He yelled

"You heard him" she yelled

I immediately got behind him and took care to suckle his swaying ball-sack as he slowly fucked her. He seemed to enjoy that until he suddenly yelled out:

"Tell him to lick my ass!"

I didn't wait for her repeating of his request and moved my tongue to his little hole. That seemed to push him over the edge and he shot, almost immediately, deep into her pussy! Her orgasmed quickly followed his.

I was still Licking his asshole when he pulled out of her.

"Quick!" He yelled. "Get in there and clean up her cunt!"

"NO!" She yelled. "I want him to lick you clean as I watch."

As he lay on his back beside her, I hovered over him and took his still hard, cum-covered rod into my mouth. I playfully sucked and licked him and he put his hands on the back of my head. I could see, out of the corner of my eye, that she was furiously fingering her sloppy folds. I continued to suck him and then slipped my hand between his thighs and gently inserted a finger into his anal ring. She was in heaven watching me and he seemed to enjoy my oral talents, along with the added finger. I couldn't believe that he was still so hard. Youth! He then announced:

"Gonna cum again!" He yelled

I kept up my motions and soon was rewarded with several spasms of him cock and the shooting of stream after stream into my throat. I tried to swallow it all but quite a bit ran down his shaft. I swallowed what I could and then went down to his tummy and licked him clean... All of this while she kept fnhering her own dripping pussy.

"Now me!" She ordered.

I moved in quickly and licked at her very full opening. There combined cum tasted amazing! He move to the side and then behind me. I then felt his fingers cup my swaying ball-sack and moaned my appreciation into her open pussy.

"You like this?' He asked

"I'm here for your pleasure" I responded.

I then felt his finger slip into my anal depths! I grinned and that seemed to be the encouragement that he needed. He added another finger and finger-fucked me throughly as I licked her sloppy and well fucked pussy.

"Don't let him cum" she told him, to my disappointment. "He's only on loan here and needs to go home with a full load."

"Wow" he said "too bad... He's dripping like crazy!"

She then announce her approaching orgasm as she too help my head hard against her center. He then gave my balls a health squeeze.

After she calmed, she looked at him and he was semi hard. She looked at me.

"Why don't you suck him hard again for me" she directed. "He's just too big for my mouth and I do love watching you do it."

I smiled and turned around to suck him again.... As I got close, he roughly thrusted his cock into my throat and began to fuck my face. I tried to control my gag reflex but he was very long. He seemed to enjoy being rough with my mouth and fortunately, she got turned on and needed him inside her again, so he pulled out of me and went for her. It's then that my phone went off with a text.

"You may come home now. As usual, strip once inside but then go to the guest bath and shower, then to the guest bedroom."


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