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Everything has changed - part 18

Young Amy couldn't believe what she was seeing. The speed and intensity of how my wife's Mistress was slamming into my wife from behind, the way it made her buttocks ripple, her breasts wildly swing forward and back to their limits, the sheen of sweat on both woman. Then there was the sounds: the huffing and name-calling from my wife's Mistress, the guttural moans from my wife, the slurping sounds of the dildo displacing my wife's juices from her engorged pussy. And poor Amy was tied and could only watch and squeeze her own thighs together. As my wife, after begging for permission to cum, was allowed to release, so did Amy. She clenched her thighs and came hard along with my wife and the room filled with sounds of passion, ecstasy and of course, smells of raw sex as all three groaned, growled and moaned together.

My wife's Mistress pulled out of my wife and told her to roll over on her back. She then removed the nipple clamps, causing my wife to YELP as the blood rushed back into her nipples. My wife's Mistress then removed the strap-on and slid up and over my wife's face, my wife instinctively knowing to lick her Mistress' wet folds. As My wife's Mistress relaxed and settle in for a nice orgasm of her own, she looked at Amy. Amy was flush from her own orgasm and hung there helplessly and as beautiful as a naked, post-orgasmic girl could look - and her fingers were still tightly crossed. My wife's Mistress smiled but then took on a more serious look.

"That's all for you today, young lady" she said to Amy. "I just wanted to you to witness what can be with me and this slut below me, should we choose to have you again. It's obvious to us all that this excited you a great deal. Once I cum, you will be untied and she will take you where you want to go. IF you are invited back here again, you will not be simply a spectator. You will be used just as you witnessed. You will be trained, used, humiliated and enjoyed for our pleasure. But you WONT ever be allowed to cum again without permission. If you do ever climax without express permission, you will be punished. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Ma'am" replied a blushing Amy as she looked down in embarrassment. "I would love to be invited back with you both... Please? I so want to be a part of what you both have with each other."

"We shall see, pet" responded my wife's Mistress. "You seem to have promise but we shall see."

With that, my wife's mistress closed her eyes, content that they both had a pretty young pet to train, and then she moaned out and enjoyed her own orgasm. After she claimed, she rolled to the side and my wife got up and untied young Amy, who then wrapped her arms tightly around my wife, offering her a long and sincere hug of appreciation.

"Let's get you dressed and home" my wife said. "They'll be much more of this, if you earn your place."

"What do I need to do to convince you?" Pleaded Amy. "I so want this."

"Wait patiently for a text from me" relied my wife "and then you will need to be able to mentally, emotionally and physically give up all control to us. Think about what that means between now and when you get that text. Now dress quickly and let me get you home."

With that, my wife and Amy left the house. Moments later, I arrived and went to the upstairs guest-bathroom and ran the shower. As I stepped in, the door opened and it was my wife's Mistress.

"I got a text a few moments ago." She said. "Seems that you pleased her a great deal. Actually you pleased then BOTH. Perhaps your ability to suck cock will be our dirty little secret. No need to share that with your little wife just yet, is there?"

"Thank you" I replied. "I'd rather her not know, if it pleases you."

"For now" she shot back. "But eventually she'll probably witness it herself" she added with a smile. "Clean up and make sure that you show your appreciation to us both by being nice and hard when your wife returns. Her pussy needs some after-care due to how she spent her afternoon."

I continued my shower, dried and then went to the guest room, as instructed. I then heard my wife come upstairs and her and her Mistress talking. I couldn't hear the conversation specifically, ye t they both seemed pleased by the events of the day and the promise of their new "pet". I had no idea what they meant yet assumed that perhaps my wife's "shopping" earlier in the day was successful. I looked down and yep... I was rock hard!


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