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Everything has changed - part 19

The next couple of weeks turned out to be very interesting for us all:

I was becoming a regular at the neighbors house three blocks away. She loved my warm-up ability on her, before her young lover arrived, my fluffing ability, once he got there, and naturally, my clean-up talents once they were done. The most recent afternoon was the most bizarre.

I arrived at the appointed time and went straight to her bedroom, as usual. I undressed and immediately took my place between her thighs and licked her tot her first orgasm. She then made an announcement:

"Things will be a little different today, but you are to continue to do as you're told, understand?"

"Of course" I replied.

I resumed my oral work when I heard her young lover enter the room, but this time, he was not alone.

"See?" He said to someone else. "I told you."

"Nice" the new person answered.

I tried to lift my head when she cupped my face in her hands.

"You're going to fluff, as usual" she said, "but this time, there are TWO cocks... One for me and one for you. Work on mine first, then let us watch you play with yours."

I turned around to see these two young men standing there, wearing tee shirts and basketball shorts. Her usual lover wasted no time in removing his clothes so I moved to kneel in front of him, taking his semi-hard cock into my mouth. I covered it n my saliva then became slurping him into my open mouth. He quickly hardened as I noticed, out the side of my eye, that his friend was undressing as well. The cock in my mouth was full hard as I reached for his friend. Her original lover then withdrew from my mouth and climbed into bed with her. I took this new Guy into my mouth and was amazed at how turned on he was. Precum was already dripping. His cock was smaller than the original guy yet his balls seemed much fuller and heavier. I heard her moan out and turned to see her original lover lowering his weight, along with his shaft, DEEP into her cunt. I continued to suck my guy as he me moaned and began a slow, subtle thrust into my throat. I sensed that he was not going to last long and I was right.

"AAAGGGHHHHHH!" He moaned out as his thick, salty cum filled my mouth.

I was so surprised at how quickly he came but also glad that he seemed to enjoy it.

It's then that she yelled at me:

"Don't swallow it all! Hold it in your mouth!"

I did as I was told and felt him soften quickly.

She then patted the bed, signaling him to come to them. He withdrew and headed toward them when her original lover spoke.

"Bend over on the bed."

He did as he was told. She then ordered me.

"Spit out that cum onto his little asshole" she said. "It's going to be the lube that you use as you fuck him!"

I did as I was told and covered his anal ring with his own cum, but to my surprise, was then sent home! I guess that they wanted that all to themselves...


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