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Everything has changed - Part 2

For the next hour, I watched as my once-proper wife was submissively being used by her friend. On no less than three occasions, I heard my wife refer to her friend as "Mistress" and Mistress J."

How long had this been going on I thought to myself, before today?

My wife experienced two very audible orgasms and her pussy appeared wetter than I could remember. The sounds of the slurping, the moans, the whimpers, the gasps... I was lost on the show and was snapped back to reality when "Mistress J" stopped what she was doing

"I thought that I was very clear" yelled Mistress J, "that you were NOT to touch yourself!"

I hadn't even realized it but I was instinctively gently stroking my very hard cock.

"I told you he would need training" commented Mistress J. "Cuff him, as we discussed!"

As we discussed I thought to myself. They were actually planning this?

My wife rolled out of bed and approached me. She was careful to avoid eye contact with me yet very clearly spoke.

"Get on your knees and cross your ankles" said my wife. "Then put your hands behind your back"

I did as I was told and as I knelt, I saw my wife's naked body in an entirely new light. She was radiant and so sexy! Her breasts swayed gently as she walked and moved. Her chest was red with the post-orgasmic glow. Her outer pussy lips were swollen with both excitement and heavy use. It's then that I felt the handcuffs being placed on my wrists, securing my hands behind my back. My wife stepped out in front of me, opening her legs and placing her feet on each side of my knees.

"Would you like a taste?" she simply asked.

"YES" I shot back, as I nodded.

"I'll bet you would" she replied. "But things are different now. Now that we know what you are, I want to be who I am. And who I am is the submissive of Mistress J. I will serve her and all who She directs me to serve. I assure you that She will NEVER direct me to serve you." She said with a laugh. "You, my boy" she continued, "will service me and all I direct you to service. You will come to know the difference between "serving", which is what I do to my Mistress J, and "servicing", which is what you will do to me and those Mistress J and I decide."

I was in total disbelief and shock at this point. I began to protest when she suddenly knelt down, reached down and grabbed my ball-sack, giving me just a bit of a squeeze.

"I know what you are. I know what excites you. If you even think about ever hesitating again, I will make sure that our friends and your work associates know this as well. Do we make ourselves clear?"

She was speaking as if speaking for both herself and her Mistress. I started to formulate my response when I felt her grip on my balls tighten.

"UGHHHH" I moaned.

"The only response right now" she added "is total agreement."

"Yes" I said in surrender" Yes, I understand"

She squeezed harder, bringing tears to my eyes and added...

"It's "Yes Mistress" to me and "Yes Mistress J" to Her" she said as she looked toward her Mistress, who had now gotten out of bed and was putting something on. "You will always be called "toy" and will answer accordingly. You will also always refer to me as "Mistress" in private and "M" in public. Do you understand now, toy?"

"Yes Mistress" I replied "I understand totally."

She loosed her grip and stood as Mistress J approached. It seems that Mistress J had put on a harness with a strap-on dildo that bounced as she approached us both.

"Go get your phone" Mistress J ordered. "Its' on the nightstand."

As my wife went to get her phone, Mistress J knelt beside me and thrusted her fake cock against my now somewhat softening cock, as a result of the recent squeeze to my balls, and wrapped her hand around both her dildo and my cock together.

"HMMMM" Said Mistress J. "You seem to have lost your hard-on, toy. You're not much good to us now, are you? Good thing that I brought this along!"

By then, my wife was along side us both and Mistress J suggested that she take a few pictures, showing my flaccid cock along side her strap-on. As my wife took a few pictures, Mistress j then stood.

"Open up" ordered Mistress J "show us how well you sunk a cock... Since you seem to enjoy that too!"

With that, Mistress J trusted her strap-on into my mouth.

"Suck it, toy" ordered Mistress J. " get it good and wet so that I can fuck your wife with it."

As I sucked the dildo jutting from Mistress J's middle, my wife continued taking pictures.

"Oh my" announced my wife. "Look how hard he is NOW!"

Mistress J withdrew from my mouth and we all looked down. There, jutting straight out of my lap was a huge hard-on.

"Well, there you have it" Mistress J said to my wife. "It's obvious how much he enjoys sucking a cock. That means your three holes are all mine and eventually, we may have to get him a real-cock! Now get your ass on the bed, all fours!" Mistress J said to my wife. "He should see what a real fucking looks like!"


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