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Everything has changed - part 20

Meanwhile, three blocks away, back in my home, Amy was spending more and more time with my wife and, on occasion, my wife's mistress. When my wife's Mistress was there, Amy and my wife were only permitted to wear thigh-high stockings and heels, nothing else. When Amy was wife my wife alone, Amy and my wife were both totally naked. The physical, as well as emotion connection between my wife and Amy was becoming very apparent. On more than several occasions, when I would be in bed, sleeping with my wife, Amy would text and ask if she could come over. My wife would grant her permission that promptly send me to the guest room as Amy took my place in bed next to my wife. As Amy and I passed in the hallway, my eviction and erection both obvious, Amy would pat me on the ass and say "such a good boy" as she giggled just a bit.

On one particular day, I was instructed by my wife that I was to rent a van and help her and Amy. I quickly discovered that I was helping Amy move out of her toxic roommate situation and into our home. She didn't have much but we got her out of her old digs and into our home in one day. Amy was told that the other guest room would be her's to decorate but that she would be sleeping with my wife, most of the time. That left no question in my mind, that the 2nd guest room would be mine. Later that evening, my wife's Mistress showed up and Amyloid, My wife and I were assembled in the basement. The three of us were naturally naked, as we were whenever in the house. My wife's Mistress was wearing a corset and cape... Very Domme-looking.

"Time to establish rules, dynamics and the obvious dynamics" stated my wife's Mistress.

"I" she went on, "own all three of you and you will all obey Me without question or hesitation. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress" or "Yes Ma'am" was awkwardly harmonized by the three of us.

"Good" she proclaimed. "Now let me make the dynamics very clear to all three of you."

She began with my wife

"You are My personal pet and I own every inch of you and your body." My wife's Mistress proclaimed. "Amy, you belong to Her" as she gestured to my wife. "However" she went on, "Since I own her, you will sometime be granted to Me for my pleasure."

Amy nodded

"You!" My wife;s Mistress said, while staring at me, "you are submissive to all three of us and will do anything that you are told by anyone. You do need o know, however, that if there is any contradiction in a request/requirement or order, your Wife's direction outweighs Amy's request and I outweigh EVERYONE!"

She seemed to take a breath and smile. She then added:

"Again, do I make myself clear?" She asked, yet already knew the answer

"Yes Mistress" or "Yes Ma'am" was awkwardly harmonized by the three of us.

"Very good" she added. "Now you both, secure our male toy against the wall so that he can only watch and show his appreciation. Then attach his cock-ring ."

Once I was tied, arms above my head, the leather cock ring was wrapped around the base of my cock between my scrotum and my body, then tightly snapped closed. My erection stood proudly straight out.

"Amy!" Ordered my wife's Mistress. "Drop to your knees and suck him well... But DO NOT allow him to climax!"

"Yes Ma'am" stammered a disappointed Amy. You see, she would have rather played with the girls then suck a cock, yet she did as she was told and expertly sucked my length into your young mouth. Meanwhile, my wife and her Mistress retired the the queen sized bed in the middle of the room for some sexy 69.

It was very erotic to watch my wife, on the bottom of course, in a sexy 69 with her Mistress as this young girl expertly sucked my very hard cock. Just then, my wife's Mistress raised her head to look over at us.

"Stick your finger up his ass as you lick him, Amy" she ordered. "He likes that!"

With those instructions, Amy inserted her dry finger DEEP into my anal cavity while continuing to suck my now throbbing cock. She noticed my positive response right away and consequently, began a rhythmic ass-fucking while she sucked harder and harder. I guess that she felt not only my cock begging to spasm, but my anal ring as well, so she decided to inert a second finger into me. The finger-fuck continued, as did her very pleasurable sucking of my now spasming cock! I was getting close... TOO close. As good as this felt, I was worried about cumming, since Amy was told to NOT allow me to cum. I honestly wasn't sure who would be punished if I came.

"Please Amy" I pleaded. "Please... "

I looked over just in time to see both my wife and her Mistress watching intently as I pulled and strained against my bonds.

"If he cums, little one" directed my wife's Mistress, "you are NOT to swallow!"

With that, My wife's Mistress got off of my wife and walked toward the cabinet. At that point, my lights went out and I erupted harder than I ever have before! I shot DEEP into Amy's young mouth and filled her mouth. I herd her gagging and trying to contain my semen yet I was still spouting a shooting into her oral cavity. As my orgasm calmed, I noticed that my wife's Mistress was now wearing her strap-on and standing beside Amy.

"Spit his cum all over my cock" ordered my wife's Mistress. "Use your mouth to coat it good."

Amy turned her oral attention to my wife's Mistress as my cum slowly began to coat and cover the rubber cock.

"Untie him" ordered my wife's Mistress to my wife, "and take him to the padded bench."

As my wife approached, she couldn't even make eye contact with me. She simply untied my arms and directed to too, and over, the padded bench, rescuing my arms - leaving be bent over and vulnerable. Sure enough, as soon as I was secure,all three turned their attention to me.

"Amy" barked my wife's Mistress. "Open his cheeks and lick his asshole for Me!"

Amy did as she was told and I felt a very slick, cum-covered tongue lap and my little hole.. I knew what was next!

"That's enough" ordered my wife's Mistress. With that, I felt the tip of the cum-covered dildo tough the center of my anal ring.

"He likes this part" said my wife's Mistress, to no one in particular. With that, she leaned in and my rectum swallowed her entire length in one deep motion!


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