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Everything has changed - part 21

The next few weeks were very interesting, to say the least. My wife, Amy and I were almost always naked when indoors. Amy now lived with us and spent most of her time being submissive to my wife and/or my wife's Mistress. Amy, however, began to develop a sadistic streak around me and she seemed comfortable saying and doing things to me because she new that there were absolutely no repercussions. It began with her teasing my erection and daring me to cum without permission. She then would have me lick her clean after she urinated. She progressed to stoking me, as I ate her and, again, dared me to cum! Finally, she transitioned to using a dildo on me as she berated and humiliated me. It seems that I was reduced to not only my wife's obedient toy, her Mistress' as well, and now a smart-assed 19 year old!

She did seem fascinated with my usually-hard cock and played with it often. Again, it was probably because she could do with it, whatever she wanted, without pressure from me or repercussions, so she took full advantage of those opportunities. Admittedly, though, her attention did keep me nice and hard, and that is how my wife and herMistress waned me to be all of the time.

One time in particular, she lay on her back, legs open all of the way, and guided just the tip of my penis into her wet young opening. She was very clear that I could go no further... That I had to just stand there and not move. She then reached up and began to flick my nipples and watched in fascination as my eyes rolled with pleasure, my balls pulled up against me, my penis throbbed and then I ultimately spasmed as I came with the head of my penis just against her hole! Amy seemed so surprised and so happy, but then her expression changed slightly.

"Hurry up and lick this mess clean" she ordered "before your wife notices your cum in my young little pussy."

I quickly dropped to my knees and began licking and slurping my cum from her warm folds. To my surprise, Amy came quickly and whimpered so sweetly as I ate her out. She then stood and turned around, bending slightly.

"Lick back there too" she ordered. "I'm sure that there's some dripping down there too."

I did as she asked and she seemed very proud of herself.

"I like this" Amy said "But it will be our little secret... Do yo understand?"

"Of course, Miss Amy" I replied with a smile


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